well it's been a while;

Hey hey:)
I haven't blogged in what feels like a year. Well the last time I did blog was last year....haha. But really...it's been a while.
I'm really not gonna blog about EVERYTHING that has happened because freak, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. I'll just update you on life currently and we'll go from there.
First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!
2013...it's gonna be the year where i'm gonna be hitting so many milestones....i'm gonna go through so much happiness and so much sadness. I already know it. 2013 is the year I graduate, I commit to a college, they year I move out, the moment in time where I am starting my life. But it's also my last track season with Lone Peak, i'm moving out....my friends and I will be split apart, and my boyfriend leaves for the marines.....
It's going to be hard, really hard. But I've got to get to it eventually.
As far as track and field goes, we are organizing the trip to New York now!!! SO CRAZY!! I'll be in New York this month and I can't believe it. I will be signing with a college soon, and that news thrills me:)
Also, I started personal training! I train with this dude named Nate Soelberg. He is SOOO good!! I have learned so much about my running and my form, its unbelievable. But it is so helpful, I know i'm going to have a crazy good season!
p.s. I tried a Victoria's Secret workout the other day, and freak, it was hard. No wonder those ladies have rockin' bods! They go through hell for a workout! haha
Speaking of Victoria's Secret, I had to quit my job there:( My schedule wasn't matching up with theirs, and their hours were straining me when it came to track. I couldn't do their schedule they wanted for track season, so I quit. But fear not my friends, I was put on rehire:)
goodbye 30% discount.....:(
Okay now on to the boyfriennddddddd...
we broke up.
We are going strong as ever:) it is kinda the best feeling to exist.
For Christmas he surprised me with....with...withhh...a promise ring :O
But guess what, I loved it. And I wear it everyday:)
and he has a necklace he wears. A promise necklace type thing. hahaha because a ring is to girly and hes not much of a bracelet person.
OH! ha so I asked him to preference...a girls choice formal at my school. I put a timer under his bed and set it to go off at 3am and attached a note to it that says "time to go to preference! love/ Desi xoxo"....apparently it didnt go off....so...haha I went back to his house before he got home from school and reset it and his sister and I tested it out and it worked. But I don't think it went off again!!!!!!! Because he hasn't said anything! hahaha ahhhh! and I can't just go back because he lives freaking half hour away!! ah! Ultimate fail. hopefully he finds out.....
otherwise i'll have to figure something out. ha.
Also, we make killer food. The other day we did homework together because we take the same math class...just at different schools. haha but after that we made some food. Oh my heck. We are chef material! I'm just in love with this kid:) sorry but I can't help it:)
School. okay school sucks. I just need to be done. Honestly, high school is getting on my every nerve. I would destroy it if I had the choice. I really don't want to talk about high school anymore. I'm only there for track. Seriously. haha
okay well I have to go get ready for my training sesh today soooo who knows when i'll be back on to blog!
love you guys though! :)

Homework buddies

My boy; my greatest dream, my greatest journey, my greatest other half. 


training buddy:) Utah Speed Academy 

also, I want summer.

One of my senior pictures:)

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