bubble baths;

Dearest readers,
I decided to take the time to reinvent my blog (since I finally have the patience and the time to do so) and I made it more appealing to the eye. I hope you enjoy, as well as find it easy to navigate through.
Also, I enjoy this template because it only gives you sneak peaks of what I wrote and doesn't show the whole gosh dang thing! So you don't have to scroll down the entire page just to read a single post, or if you want to look back and find a post, just search:) very very lovely.


I have been on my death bed for the past week, yes I had strep, for the third time this year might I add, but I also have the chills, a headache, really annoying congestion, plugged ears, must I go on?
Seriously though! I'm getting really tired of being sick. So I decided to give myself a TLC kinda day today. I deserve it after all the hell i've been going through, don't you think?
Of course I went to my whole 3 hours of school....haha
Then as I slowly drove home I decided hey, i'm gonna take a bubble bath! The last time I took a bath was probably a year or two ago. Showers are faster and easier to prepare for, so I just stick with those. But I was feeling classy with the bubbles overflowing, playing some of Lana Del Rey (I have this deep obsession with her), snacking on some crackers, letting the water make everything in my head go numb, I was literally drowning into absolute nothingness...
Not a stress crossed my mind, and I felt peaceful.
Dear God, thank you for blessing me with bubble baths. Amen.

This past weekend my sweet sweet boyfriend and I hit rock bottom for a little bit.
Fights are no fun.
We just had an issue with communication, which isn't something to be simply put, of course. But my point to even mentioning this is that we overcame that trial. And even though in the moment it seemed like such a heavy issue, after apologies were exchanged, and might I add, not over text, but in person......the issue seemed like nothing. I mean to say that relationships are meant to go through the worst no matter how simple or how crazy the problem, but overcoming those trials is what builds the relationship. A continuous streak of happy, cheerful, bright eyes.....to me, isn't a healthy one. Of course fighting is never healthy at all, never. But knowing that you are both forgiving of each other at those tense points in life is what i'm grateful I can learn from. It's good to admit to your wronging, which is what we both had to do, again...thank you God for my forgiveness.
Also, my perfect boy said something today that makes me feel all giddy inside:) "Every time I see you it's like i'm seeing the most beautiful girl I've ever seen for the first time, just like that first time last September, I love you."
It's been over a year since we first met, and I still feel fireworks when all he does is look at me. Pure happiness. Plus, ladies listen here, it's a good kinda love when he sits down with you when you're sick, puts on The Vow, and tries to act interested in the movie just to make you laugh:)
I'm so so lucky.

Another interesting part of my day;;
College applications.
They really do, really really do, bug me. Yes, I will be attending New York for school, but my dad wants me to have a back up plan, just in case the New York scholarship doesn't fall through (but it will). But to make my dear father happy, I will respect his wishes, and I applied to other colleges. And, to please my momma, I made sure to apply for some scholarships, and will continue to do those because free money is good money.
The future is really beginning to stress me out everyone, I don't know where i'm going to go, I don't know how i'll fit in New York City, I've never been remotely close to the East Coast....., I also don't know how athletics are in college, how will I balance a job, school, and running? Stress, Stress, Stress.

Keep Calm Desi, Keep Calm.

Carry on.

I'm also tired, so good night everyone...

I'll be changing my blog name tomorrow some time, my new name will be desimarie5.blogspot.com

My love is beyond what words can describe.


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