So i havent written much because ive been SOOO BUSY! and i mean it because ive been doin so much lately its crazy!:) but its okay because i love it! soooo lets see...last time i wrote was sunday i believe! so i'll just pick up from monday:)
monday consisted of that dumb brain test in psychology, but get this, my teacher said we only had ten minutes to name and give the functions of the brain, so i was stressing out, then at the end of the ten minutes he said we had ten more minutes to use our notes. so i basically went ham on the notes and got all my answers i needed, and finally, he said that we could use our fellow classmates to help us:) but he said not to copy down answers...but lets be honest....hahaha
so im satisfied:)
nothing really important about the rest of that day so there isnt really much i can say..
tuesday....okay coolest thing ever. In college prep we watched this movie Called Jiro Dreams of Sushi..basically its about this 85 year old man who charges, in our money, $300 a plate for ONE SINGLE PIECE OF SUSHI. its freaking insane! and his story is even more insane! ahh man...here's a link to the trailer. i bet the whole movie is online somewhere. definitely on netflix!
coolest video ever:)

okay well im gonna skip my other class and work and just start talking about thanksgiving break:):):)

you know what the greatest part of this break is? relaxing, chillin, livin life, and enjoying every moment of my free time:)
i love thanksgiving time:) its a happy happy joyful time where everyone is so happy:) and i ate a lot of food too:) well let me think what else have i done? ohh me and my wonderful boyfriend have been taking advantage of break and have hung out everyday! which is insane! because i usually only see him weekends:) so has this been an amazing break already? yes:):)
tuesday night i went over to his house and his mom gave us a...well to say long would be and understatement of this list....she gave us a very lengthy grocery list and so we did her grocery shopping for thanksgiving:) hahaha we had to go to 3 different stores, but we were ballin! we conquered that grocery list! it was so so fun too! like trying to find all the food! and we rode down the aisles in the cart and he pushed me, we couldnt find the string cheese for like 15 minutes though...hahaha it was a weird set up for a grocery store so it took a while. hahaha picking fruit was also a challenge, we kept arguing about which fruit was better, the ones he picked or mine. hahaha when we couldnt find the milk he said it was one direction but i guaranteed it was in the back and i straight up told him "ben, i think id know where this milk is!" and this old grandma passed us and started laughing;) hahaha we are such a good couple;) hahaha and i liked holding on to his arm while he pushed the cart, i dont know why, but it just sent a happy feeling through me. doing something as simple as grocery shopping was more than fun:)
but gosh...when we finally got to his house we were exhausted... so we took a quick trip to redbox, picked the movie madagascar 3 to watch, and went down in his basement, threw the movie in, and within minutes we were both falling asleep. but hey, that movie is actually pretty dang funny! so we were able to stay awake through our laughing:) hahaha
alright..next day! wednesday!
i had to work that day, it was okay though because everyone was in such a great mood:) i had to stay a little later though because my patient came in late, but i was really just ready to fall asleep because i didnt get home till late the previous night! so i was about to call it a night and hop in the shower when my boy called once again:) bowlinngg date:) ps i beat him by....a lot;) hahaha i believe he got 180 and i had 220:) either way...i killed him:) he doesnt like losing...especially to me:) sooo is soaked in the moment and really used up the bragging rights we bet:)

anddd of course... THANKSGIVING :D
my family spent the day just chillin until we went to my aunts to eat:) food food food:) so fun:) i basically passed out after i ate though. a definite food coma! hahaha so tired. and guess what! haha my family went to watch 007...haha it was the third time i had seen it.....i dont ever wanna watch a movie that long, that much ever again. i will not watch that movie again. hahaha i mean its way good. but its way good the first time i watch it. hahaha
oh but wait theres more. BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING:D:D
well okay so i left my house around i wanna say 10:) i met up with some girlfriends at this new outlet mall:) i knew my boy was gonna be there but i wanted to shop shop shop. and i knew he just likes to find what he wants and then be done with shopping, but just as im passing Vans, i see him in the window of that very store! hahaha so i tap on the window and he see's me and gosh...his expression is priceless:) i love him:) so i go in and help him look for a nice pair of pants, then i decide to shop for myself hahaha. but i already have most of the stuff i like at Vans.....so i decide to bounce and meet up with my girls. eventually i wander into Zumiez and i get a few Obey stuff and my money is basically gone. then my girls decide they wanna leave the mall but i dont want to yet so i just meet up with ben and his friends and we look around more:)
how fun is shopping with my boy though? let me tell you, its the funnest thing:) i swear we could have been the loudest couple there, we were laughing so hard, shouting to hear our voices echo in the mall, and just enjoying each other soo much. just walking hand in hand, or feeling his arm rest on top of my shoulders while we walk. looking up at him for a quick moment and then having him pull me in for a great big hug, or just walking and then he randomly kisses me just because, and i quote "I just havent kissed you yet today and i wanted to" haha:) hes so sweet:) words cant even explain:) except for when he makes fun of me for buying tank tops in the middle of winter. they were on sale and i liked them! haha
it was just a perfect night:)
but i woke up the next morning feeling sick. so so sick. beyond sick. ughhh i have strep throat:P
so i spent all day just reading my book, Divergent, which, by the way is theee best book ive ever read. holy cow i love it! i cant wait to read the next one:) ah! i finished it in 3 days! haha its like a 500 page book..hahaha i love reading:)
but i also watched a few movies.....ahhh im miserable. i want to eat food but it freaking hurts me throat! love being sick...
but my amazing boy is coming over tomorrow to keep me company while i remain in misery:) i told him not to come because the chances of him getting sick are very high..and he said "well if spending time with my beautiful girl means getting a little sick. then im so down!" hahaha:) then he said "i'll take care of you baby!"
how nice is he? gosh i cant get enough:)

oh and alsooo guess what:)
so my flight out to new york is happening for sure! first week of january i will be out there exploring my future college and my future city:) ahhh my furture HOME! im gonna be a city girl livin the city life and running track and field AND studying what ive always wanted to study:)
how blessed am i? when i count my blessings at night..they go on forever...when i think about what im thankful for in life this thanksgiving break.....theres too many things to say.
this holiday, ive realized that my life isnt that bad, its actually the opposite. i love my life:) i love it wholeheartedly. i mean sure it has its ups and downs, but for the most part, everything about it is being steered in the right direction:)
so i am definitely thankful for so so much. plenty of my recent prayers have been answered, my heart is full of so much love, family is close, friends are good, my boy is incredible, school is amazing, and the future is lookin oh so bright:)
heres to the future, because im ready to take it head on:)

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