another day

annndddd the week is basically over:)
yes yes yes. ask me if im excited. okay im really excited:) the past few days have been great actually:) get this...i transferred into my new math class a term late okay...and we just barely took a test..and i got the second best score in the class...a 74/75 :) hahaha and i came in late. hahaha i felt sooo ballin;)
anywaysss.. In ap lang. we had an intense conversation that made me think a ton. we talked about how we have moved on past living with the things we had in life to begin with. We have become so accustomed and used to the new and next big thing, that the smaller things, the simpler things, we see as extras....idk if youre all catchin my drift. but it was really interesting. just because we have progressed so much in products and such, that that is what we are expecting everyday; the next best thing. i like it:) haha
i  love that class:)
but anyways..
ive been hittin up the gym more as well...and its been helping a ton, like i can already feel a difference in a lot of what i do. i feel stronger and just more ready for the day, if that makes sense. i think going to the gym makes a huge difference in my day. i feel happier and like my day is complete:) PLUS. im starting my personal training soon for track. how pumped am i?? and this guy is supposed to be the best of the best:) so so ready to kick some hard core ass.
anddd also, i saw my boy tonight:), we went shopping, and we ended up shopping longer than we thought and he was supposed to go to the gym...but then it got late and he decided not to but he was kinda freaking out. haha hes kinda addicted! its funny:) haha
but gosh..shopping today was unreal! theres a new outlet mall and its sooooo nice! me and ben hit up Vans and he bought me two new pairs of vans because they were buy one get one half off! and he got like 4 pairs because of the buy one get one half off, plus their beach shoes were buy one get one free. gosh i love him....so much. he didnt have to, but he did. and i love him:) ahhh so crazy about him:) i didnt even think i was gonna see him today, then i ended up seeing him:) it was so convenient. and the weekend starts tomorrow:) so i'll see him again:) i think we might go ice skating, or to this sick paint fight/dance party being throw at this huge place. its a two day party...tomorrow night is 18 and up, but hes not 18 yet...so the saturday one is all ages accepted, so he can go to that one;) hahaha i love being older than him:) even if it is just 4 months:) haha
but im just excited to be done with school....because guess what....thanksgiving break starts next week:):):) awwwhhh yeeeahhhh:) no school, food, family, friends, foooood, anddd 40 more days till christmas i believe:) yeah yeah! hahaha ahh man i cant wait any longer:) but alrightttt. my momma said to go to bed so im peacin out, plus im way tired..way way tired. soo good night:)

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