im positive

hello hello:)
okay so the past few days...they have been wonderful:)
first of all a lot of different colleges have reached out to me for running, so far ive gotten a few emails and one called me today, another contacted my guidance councilor, while another contacted my mom. So college running is looking bright:) how excited am i?
while i was at the gym today i just fed off of that emotion, its soooo nice to know that i probably will be running in college, thats a good feeling:)
so as far as this next senior season goes, i better be ballin, because i need impress more colleges. but guess what, I WILL do great things this next season. I can feel it.  I know ive just barely kinda sorta recovered from my last injury, and its all still a work in progress, but ive been working out everyday and lifting...it feels great, it really does, so i cant want to start training hardcore:)
today was a good day though, my first period class i didnt spend much time in because i was in the counselling office, then during 2nd period i got taken out for majority of class as well because i was voted ,most athletic girl for the senior class, so me and the boy that was voted most athletic had to go get our pictures taken, we had like a mini photo shoot! it was kinda fun..haha:) al i know..is that im terrible at making serious faces...ahhh..haha
then i chilled with my track coach during 3rd..even though i dont have class after 2nd. i just felt like talking with her:) i ended up running to walmart to get her some soup and popcorn. she just barely had twins, so she had no time at all to eat this morning because she was so busy, so i offered to get her some food:) shes like a mother to me, a really hard core mom. hahaha
well i had to get my car aligned today, so while that was happening i went shopping somewhere not too far from the car place, i got a Roots sweater, tank top, a Victorias Secret shirt, and an Obey shirt. very very satisfied with my purchases:)
but get this....my Roots sweater..$14...tank top...$3..VS shirt...$7...and Obey shirt...$7....oh how i love second hand stores:) and they are all in perfect condition:) hooray for desi:) haha
oh my heck though...today when i went to the gym..it was a rough workout. idk what it was...i think because i ate some junk food earlier...i gotta stay away from that stuff, because yeah. it made me feel like crap today when i did my workout and lifted....
for now on. i am vowing to stay away from junk food. which wont be too hard. my boyfriend eats pretty dang healthy and is avid about the gym. hahaha so being around him..junk food will be no problem.
family though...with a family of little baby kids who like their candy and such....its harder. haha i mean we eat healthy as a whole, but it'll be harder work. i promise not to just eat because i feel like it as well...emotional eating. ive gotta live a healthier life..im excited:)
oh and my boy sent me a very heartfelt text today that made my day, dont you love it when that happens? gosh i do:)
yesterday he came over for a sunday movie night:) we watched the avengers with my baby siblings that are 2,4, and 5 until they had to go to sleep, then we just kept watching it. but it was oh so perfect:) thee best way to end the weekend...spending sunday night cuddled up next to my boy. so so grateful, so so happy:)
i love...love:)
OH. kay...i just remembered! weekend..haha okay so my parents were gone this weekend,, so my grandparents helped my sister who is 13 and i take care of this kiddies, but anyways thats besides the point. point is my parents were gone. which...was kind of a sign for me to do some renovations in my room!:) sooo...without telling my parents. haha i painted my room. oh, but ladies and gentlemen, i didnt just paint it a sold color. no..i painted one wall, and i filled it with quotes. it actually looks pretty sick. i love painting....its to to fun:) i'll post a pic later:) hahaha but when my parents found out...they werent too happy..but hey...yolo right? hahaha plus im outta here soon, they can paint over the wall if they hate it that much:) haha
oh wait. this just in. i just got a text from ben:)... k wow... who goes to the gym at 9 o'clock at night???? my boyfriend. hes so crazy. haha gosh....i would never do that. once its like 8:30pm...im tired. im in my bed...im done for the day. hahaa unless its a weekend, because thats different. id never workout though. haha
anywaysssss...sorry i went off on a random tangent...
okay what was i talking about...
oh yeah my room! yeah i wanna paint my other wall too. except i have it all collaged up...sooo idk if i wanna take down everything that took me forever to put up.....
id collage it over again..i just want a different colored wall. so me and my boy might paint that soon. yay:)
i love projects:)

what else has happened...
oh it snowed LOADS! like buckets...theres sooooo much snow! and i live on a mountain...so we got double snow than what was down in the valley.....so i played in it yesterday with my siblings:) it was so so nice:) i also went on a nice winter run:) i lovvvee running in the winter because its so refreshing, and you dont get too hot! of course your cold at first, but once you start running you feel fine, the cold and hot contrast makes for a good warm:) haha plus the views are epic where i run, because of where i live and stuff. but i ran up to a spot that overlooks thee entire city valley...its freaking breathtaking! i'll drive up there soon and snap a pictures and post it later. but its such a good view. ahh! haha:)

well i cant really think of anything else that has happened lately...
so my lesson of the day...
life is better when you look at it with a positive attitude.
im gonna be honest. i stopped giving a crap about what people thought about what i was doing in my life, because sure i have my friends, but none of them can influence me to do something differently. sure i'll make a decision here and there one what to do with my day..because of friends. but when it comes to life ultimately as a whole, its my life, so my decisions are the only ones that matter:)
and ive just started to live life through the no regrets thing and just do things with happiness and just look through every aspect with a positive attitude. my life has improved thoroughly because of the way i have chosen to live it. challenge yourself, set positive goals for yourself everyday and live your life the way you want to. try to reach every goal you set and you'll find yourself with more purpose and meaning and happiness. i dont know, it all works for me, and im happy with life right now:)
so try it out:)

excited for a little snowboarding...sun..snow..happiness:)

my brother Teo and I:)

i love my boy:) sunday movies:)

soo heres my room:) two corners of it at least:)

bro and sis above it all:)

my weekend project:)
im gonna go on pinterest now:) hahaha sooo good night:)

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