productive good days:)

My life.
haha it honestly has been pretty relaxed and chill the past few days, ive felt no need to blog because nothing crazy has happened. I mean of course something new happens every day, but ive had more important things to do than blog, but dont worry...ive been doing my journal writes so personally, ive been keeping up with my life:) hahaha
today was a success. i dont know, i feel like ive got a good system going now that i will get into the habit to.
So today i only had two class periods, I breezed through the College Prep review, i actually forgot my review packet at home so i had to get a new one and i finished it in like 10-15 minutes tops.. hahaha
Ap lang. was so so nice:) i dont know i just really liked the lesson today. haha we learned about opening your paragraphs and following it with detail, or opening with detail and closing with your subject. i just liked it a lot and i got it:) english is way too fun:) haha
well i was home by 10:45 :) i did a ton of my homework, i dont know what my deal was today, i was just on a homework frenzy, doing hw after hw, even when they werent due for a few days, i just decided to do them! hahaha
i caught up on americas next top model college addition;) hahaha i love that show, but i only got to right after the dolphin photoshoot because i decided to hit up the gym:) i was at the gym for about an hour and a half! but get this, there was this old man there, and holy cow..he was old. and he was full on doing big weights and running a ton on the treadmill, like it blew my mind. I hope when im as old as that man im still staying in shape and giving my all! he was quite the motivation:)
and then i had work, but i honestly didnt do much at work today, i went home early because there wasnt a ton of patients, so i did some deep cleaning, assisted another aide with a patient that hurt both his knees, and then peaced out for home.
can i just say something though, i went to get gas and as i was filling up these two men lit a cigarette, and gosh....i hate smokers. i really do. it smells bad, its not attractive, its not healthy for you or anyone around you, its just a terrible habit. why would you ever do something like that? i tried to get away from that gas station as soon as i could, i guess i was also in a bad mood, haha i always am when i see how much gas costs me...haha but i got over it and went home.
hahaha sorry that was very random.
well i got home and was in my homework high STILL. so i got more done:)
but listen here! so we all know its election day, or it was, and everything is rounding down. but im not gonna spend much time on politics because to be honest, i just barely got into it today! haha i know great timing right? hahaha i mean i could have voted, but i never got around to registering, and i just didnt pay enough attention to the election to gain an opinion. so better luck in four years right? haha;) but i wish i would have took the time to actually understand it all, because in all honesty, it is really interesting! haha so dang desi...bad timing. oh well though..hahaha
andddddddddddddd. ive got a hot date friday night;) hahaha
yes yes yes im so excited:) my boys mom is having her birthday and he invited me to watch 007 with him and his family:) his family loves movies ive noticed, every time i go over to his house his family is watching a movie:) hahaha and that works out, because i love love love movies:) and i love love love him:) i cant get over it:) how special can a kid make me feel?:) i cant seem him at all during the week, i mean its awesome if i get to seem him on a weekday, weekends are usually when i see him, so im just counting down the days till i can see him again:) ahhhh man. im going crazy! its just the end of tuesday! ive still got tons more to do till friday. dang it.
ahhhh someone just speed up freaking time.
sometimes i wish life would fast forward a little, im so done with this high school thing, im basically never there. and when im not there im not just sitting around at home all day, im doing things i need to do and getting things done that need to be done, honestly, i can handle things on my own. ive got my priorities straight and im doing things how they should be done. my life is organized right now. just have stuff here and there i need to do, but of course, so does every other human.
tomorrow is gonna be another busy day. but luckly i get to sleep in tomorrow:) hoorah:)
for now im gonna do some pinterest looking because i have so much extra time and im not tired yet:) becauussseee. ive been in bed every night by 10:30 hahahaha. so i havent been too tired lately! hahaha
 okay im going now!

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