act of....patience

ahhh what a day..
work at 6:30 in the morning, okay fine, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. I was really not tired at all...until it hit around 10:30 and we had our meeting and everything kinda slowed down. thats when i got all tired and such. 
and then i went home!:) i did some chores and cleaned my room...ish..kinda..in a way...haha
then i went to platos closet and got some new sweaters because i really need new ones. hahaha
i ended up not going to the volleyball game because i wanted to save my gas...PLUS. they lost....:( and thats freaking sad because we lost to our rivals.....dang...
but my sister had her 13th birthday party today! hahaha her two best friends came over and they all just chilled:) it was so cute, but then i left to my boyfriends house:) but he met me half way so i didnt have to drive all the way out to his far away place:) then when we got to his house his mom had us babysit his 3 month old niece while she cooked dinner. i mean seriously. we are unreal with the kids. honestly a power couple. hahaha
once upon a time me and him took my 5 year old sister and 4 year old brother to the aquarium and the park and we played with them and aced it! A 3 month old is a little difficult but we did a swell job all the way up to the part where she had to be burped after he fed her the bottle.....
oh  but then..haha we helped his brother in law and his younger sister plant a christmas tree in a pot. hahaha yeah it was easily the funniest thing trying to plant a huge, pokey, christmas tree in a pot. hahaa
but then we watched Act of Valor:)
it was a very very good movie and i enjoyed it so so much. kinda...
you see it was about the navy and as much as i love watching these movies with him....the movies of war kinda freak me out. only because hes gonna be a marine. and its not like hes gonna do what they did in the movie because maybe that was a little bit dramatized and not in his area of what hes gonna do..well at least he told me that...but still. it worries the heck out of me. and theres this scene in the movie where the guy says good bye to his wife and leaves and it made me cry! it was way too sad....
him being gone is gonna suck..more than anything, when we talked about that tonight you could definitely tell it was a sore topic, it hurts us both knowing we are gonna be without each other for a very long time.... but i just gotta keep telling myself its gonna be no problem, because im waiting for someone who is worth waiting forever for. the guy who smile gets bigger and bigger every time i look up at him and who takes the time to make sure im happy. hes makes life that much better and i couldnt ask for anyone better. haha:) i love how we can do the same thing two nights in a row, watch a movie, and its still the best weekend we could both ask for. It doesnt take much to keep us happy:)  its just after having a long busy day, being able to kick it with someone i love most is so so nice:) i feel wayyy too cheesy talking about all this but what can i say? im crazy for this kid:) hahahaha you are only young once..but whos to say that i cant be young and in love?:) my parents were high school sweethearts and his brother and sister in law were. theres nothing wrong at all with having a boy, as long as you both treat each other right:) 

lesson of the day...
sure the road ahead may be long, but if you focus on the very end, then its gonna appear as an even longer road. set little goals or enjoy what you have now and eventually when the end comes, you will be greatly rewarded. everything is worth it in the long run:) just be patient and allow yourself to just live life and accept that what you have right now is really what you may have to have for a while...lets say...3 years;) hahaha.....
but just know that in the end..things turn out:)
okay okay im going now:) 

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