life is good

hello hello:) just a quick little write up!
i have to go to bed because i have work early early in the a.m. :( plus a work meeting...:P
i hate early.
today was fantastic:)
school was normal, just another day, livin the life as the wonderful senior. trust me, its not all its cracked up to be. haha i just want out.
i got home around 11 though:) i love my B-days:) so i took a little power nap and then did some homework, made myself a good filipino lunch...just the leftovers from last night:) and i watched some of the CMA's we recorded:) oh ps i finally bout the tswift red album today:) its about time! i am obsessed with it:) my favorite song on it is The Last Time :) ahhh i love it. i could listen to it over and over again.
well when the clock hit around 2:15, i  went to work. At work i was very good about staying up beat...and then i just hit a wall randomly...it sucked. hahaha i was so tired. i drove home after work and laid on my bed about to pass out. i checked my email and responded to some colleges that emailed me and then right as i shut my eyes my POS phone vibrates. its ben:)
okay okay i guess i'll see what he wants:) its probably 8 o'clock...i really wanna sleep, but since hes that special..i flip open my phone and before i know it im in my car driving to orem to sneak in a movie night with my boy before he has his all night soccer tournament.  his first game is at 11:30pm...that is the worst huh? hahaha idk why he does that.
but we hung out with his sister and her new baby and his other younger sister. and then me and him kicked it on the love sac in his family room and watched Battleship. i kinda hated watching that because it reminded me of when he has to leave....
and its not like hes gonna be battling aliens and come into contact with robots and shiz like that...its just the uniform and the real life trouble they get into.....it just scares me. but i know he'll be okay:)
i mean theres pictures of his brothers in uniform all over the house.....and pretty soon it will be him. and i will be one proud girlfriend:)
but the movie was wonderful:) you know we kinda just talked a lot of the time and made fun of parts in the movie and just had a swell time. cant top a night like tonight:)
i drove an hour total. AN HOUR. so back and forth added together....just to be with him for two hours before his game. he lives way too far away!! ahhh man.
but oh! we also played with his little niece Pepper for a while also:) shes like 5 months and freaking adorable:) i love babies:)
but ive gotta get to bed. i'll write ya tomorrow:) me, some friends, and ben are gonna go to UVU to watch some good state vball:) soo pumped!

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