Halloween grows on a girl...

yeahhh I missed a day of writing...and I hate that I did. But hey, it was a busy day! Halloween right? Usually, im not a fan of halloween. At. All.
I really do hate the holiday, I mean who wants to be scared for a whole day, plus the days leading up to that day! Everything is just full out freaky! Including my house.....:(
my daddy likes to deck out our house with decorations he makes. He actually got a ton of ideas off of pinterest this year:) hahaha what a man. but thats besides the point! the point is...that i was scared to walk up to my house when it was dark for the whole week leading up to Halloween. and thats no fun at all.
I'll post some pictures later on! haha:)
but i dressed up as luigi:)  yes yes, i was a mario brother:) my friend Viktoria was mario:) hahaha and we tried to avoid the scandalous route...haha:) so we got larges in mens costumes. yes yes, we were saggy. haha but hey, I got loads of thumbs up, I approve, I freaking love, its unreal, costume comments:) hahaha
at work we had a halloween potluck:) so so so so sooooo good! I ate my heart out...and then i just chilled with my worker buddies. i love those guys, really. we are just like a family, we click so well together and its a perfect working environment. I love my job:) such a freaking good day at work.
and then my boyfriend texts me and asks if i would like to go on a moonlit lift ride up at Sundance Ski resort:) apparently theres a halloween special thing for that place:) so of course i went:) i wouldnt miss it for the world!
Sooo..when he picked me up..ahh idk. its like the moment i see him life gets THAT much greater:) we never ever EVER ran out of things to say. the whole car ride up to his  house..which is about 30 minutes from my house...we talked nonstop, laughed so so soo hard, he showed me the new clothes he bought at zumiez, and i dont know how to explain it. but something as simple as driving in the car is more than enjoyable:) especially when we do chinese fire drill:) so SO fun!!
when we get to his house he changes and i talk to his parents and watch harry potter with them:) his parents are lovely and the sweetest people i'll probably ever meet. his family is amazing:)
we left to his friend Q's house to meet up with all his friends and their dates!:) all his friends are so chill, i love it, they didnt make things feel awkward or like i wasnt there. they honestly made it seem like even though i dont see those people all the time, its like i see them everyday. sure im not close close like most of them, but they never shunned me out. they are a perfect group of friends.
okay now on to the lift ride:)
its a half hour ride, so the date can go either two ways. incredibly well and social, funny, relaxed. or just plain awkward. mine was the first choice, but 100 times better:) we cuddled on the ski lift, talked about everything, and me and him were easily one of the loudest on the whole lift. and a lot of the couples behind us were super loud too, but only cuz they were part of our friendly group:) hahaha
well after that we chilled and watched PA3....
but i dont need to go into it much anymore.
the night went perfectly, and by the end of the night i had fallen for him even more.....how could life go so perfectly right now?
new term, family issues fixed, colleges are contacting me to run for them, easy classes, oh and i was voted most athletic girl for my class:), plus my friends are good, and my boyfriend is perfect:)
i couldnt ask for anything better. im happy:)
the best was when ben drove away after dropping me off, rolled down his window, and i could faintly hear him shout out "I LOVE YOU" as he drove away:)
those three words, overused? no. people may say that. and the words may be used a lot...but the meaning never dies. sometimes its not enough, buts its all we have to say to reassure our feelings.
we dont need to physical aspects of a relationship at all, thats why my parents trust us so well and they lengthened my curfew. they trust me. and of course i wont be stupid and make dumb mistakes.
but this kid could not make me any happier. if he keeps it up my laugh will die off, my smile will begin to hurt, and my heart will explode:):)
the best part is. yes im in love. but knowing he feels the exact same, and says it to be infinity times more, is wonderful:) how did i get so lucky? answer me that.
im so so happy:) it's like....yes, we have each other, and that is enough. take away money, cars, events we go to, special dates, and everything. as long as we are together, thats enough company. we dont need anything extra. time with him is time well spent. i love him:)

im gonna go to bed though! ive got a test tomorrow!
i'll be typin later tomorrow:)
some of the kids on the date:) the guy with the dreads....his dad is like a pro photographer and took pics of us:)

 the goblin my dad made for our roof, the least of the scary things of the house..

me and my favorite boy:) drivin up to the ski resort for a good night:)

my lil bro:) superman

the superman hair curl:)

night everyone:)

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