It gets harder and harder to write with all the stuff going on in my life, but its 11:00 at night and here I am on blogger. I don't exactly know what to say, I know a lot has happened, so I guess the right words would be, I don't know how to start.
Lemme think.
The last time I posted was about two weeks ago. Crazy. Not because I haven't posted in a long time, but because in just two weeks time, SO much has happened in my life.

I believe I had just started my personal training last time I posted, but to fill you in, it has been going so smoothly. I've corrected things with my form, or if I haven't corrected them yet, they are in progress. I learn something new every day I train at Utah Speed Academy. It's an amazing environment, very encouraging, but also very disciplined, and there's a goal to achieve some form of greatness each time we train! Whether it's through knowledge of a new thing we can improve on or correcting my running in some way. Long story short, every time I leave a session, i'm not disappointed.

Track leads me to New York. Okay, okay, for the sake of all my friends, family, and especially that boyfriend of mine, I gotta downgrade the excitement, because no one likes someone who rubs an all expenses paid for trip to NY in their face;) hahaha
I leave on the 31st of January and, freak!! I'm going crazy!
But i've also gotta be honest....I'm scared out of my mind.
1) I'm going alone. Well, I'll have a coach to hang out around and some athletes, but New York is no walk in the park, so i'm still nervous.
2) It's a huge decision in my life and I don't want to screw this decision up. Part of me really wants this visit to go perfectly so I can go there. But then another part of me is trying to think of reasons why I shouldn't go there. I never knew it would be this hard.
3) I've grown up in Utah. Utah of all places. I mean don't get me wrong I really, really like it out here. But will I like the environment out there? Or will that be a reason why I wouldn't wanna be out there? And then there's me, back at square one. Looking for colleges.

I am really excited to be somewhere new....but I guess I can't really say anything till i'm in the concrete jungle. Wish me luck.

On a lighter note....
So, God bless my school counselor! He helped me everyday for a week at the end of the first semester with my class schedule! So This entire school year I only have to take eight classes! That's what happens when you get ahead, and it's been the best schedule! The class schedule in Utah is four classes a day, and everyday they switch. So let's say it's Monday. You have four classes. And then it's Tuesday, and I have a new set of four more classes. Then on Wednesday i'm back to the classes I had on Monday, and so on.
well First semester I had two classes one day starting at 10:48am and two classes the next day ending at 10:48am. So this new Semester I only have school every other day, because I moved my classes to all on one day. So technically, I only have a term/quarter left of school. It's so relaxing:) So tonight since I don't have school tomorrow and I finished my homework, I have spent my time watching One Tree Hill and relaxing, plus I don't feel good...blech.

Speaking of One Tree Hill, this is my new addiction. Literally.
I can not stop watching it. I thought it would just be a cool show to watch. I saw a few tweets of it one Twitter from a girl and then my friend mentioned it and I decided to check it out. And heaven help me, because I can not get a grip and bring myself to pull away from this show! So on Saturday me and my friend corrie are gonna watch a marathon of it at her house:) I'm way too excited.

So the boyfrienddd:)
I remember back in 2011 when people said a high school relationship was stupid and it was my mistake for getting serious with this boy. That I should just date around and enjoy the dating experience. So I didn't do that. I stayed with Ben because I knew, despite what others may say, it felt right to me, it felt right for him. Eventually, we did decide to take a break, but.... that only lasted a few months till we were back together.
And I feel like that break was needed, because we realized how hard it was without each other, and as sappy as that sounds, it's the truth. Because it was hard....one of the hardest things of my life.
But...no more moaning and groaning sad story of how hard it was;) haha
Because guess what, I have a boy that will talk with me late into the night until he falls asleep on the other line, buy me my favorite slushy at Sonic when i'm parched and only ask for water, opps out on his choice of movies and sits through Bride Wars with me with no complaints, is patient with me when i'm freaking out when I can't solve a math problem (i'm bad at math), puts up with my constant bashes on his vocab, takes me to go on a miniature golf date...but really takes me to Sports Authority to play the little golf set up they have there, takes me to the mall and has a fake fight with me in public and runs off leaving me to chase after him....eventually leading to a game of tag through a store, who does crazy bets with me and having the only reason to do them being....yolo (i know, dumb. but true), and who tells me every time he's with me a new thing he loves about me, and that's not even a smidge of everything he does for me:)
I'm absolutely in love with him. Absolutely. Nothing can change that. He's my boy, and i'm his girl.
Forever and always:) since 9/10/11 :)

Well i'm gonna finish my episode of One Tree Hill and then head off to bed:)

Good night:)

I love dances. classy classy.

some of his friends at the Orem basketball game

my $17 dress from Express. Bargain. 


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