A disagreement has a way of ruining your entire day. An angry word can bring tears to the eyes of a girl that doesn't deserve it. A selfish reason to make someone feel bad can destroy a boy till he's no longer on speaking terms.
A fight.

It's stupid. To think that silence will solve the problem. But right now that's all I need. Silence from the rest of the world. I want to be a world away from the one I'm living in. The only silence I'm accepting of is everything around me, and the music pumping through my ears.
The "I love you's" with the "buts". The "we'll do this, but I'm doing this".
"The kiss with a fist" as the lovely Florence + The Machine would say....
Back and forth, bash after bash.
How could a problem so simple evolve into something that leaves me cranking The White Stripes until my ears bleed.
Cornering myself into my room feeling like whatever I say can't make a difference.
I don't exactly know what to do. And I don't want to share the problem because that's personal.
It's a fight I know we'll get through it, but the question is, when are we going to resolve it? I've tried, he hasn't tried.....
I'm not trying to blame it on him, I'm not at all. I'm just trying to figure out what's going through that thick skull of his that makes him think its okay to not consider what I'm trying to say. His way or the high way.....
It's funny how one word can bring tears on so suddenly. It's funny how he doesn't see how his choice hurts me beyond what words are capable of explaining. It's funny how I tell him it hurts and he claims I'm not being fair. It's funny how life works out sometimes.
I don't know what to do..

We'll see.

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