This past week has been potentially life changing. 
Before I emphasize on that i'd like to continue on about my previous post!

Fights are healthy in a relationship. I mean, not frequent fights, not at all! My boy and I never get into fights...never. But we do have a disagreement here and there, but honestly...what relationship doesn't? Everything is always good and happy the first few months. Because you're technically in that "honeymoon" stage where you enjoy long talks about how you feel about each other and what it was like to first meet, reflecting on those first few moments, kisses, cuddles, everything sweet about a relationship. But I've been with this boy for a year and a half. Of course, I love him:) and everyone knows that, and everyone knows he feels the same. We have no problem with our love and how we reflect that to everyone, including ourselves. But I found that the further you get into a relationship, the more you learn about them, the more you learn about yourself, and the more you fall in love, and the more you likely you are to have those disagreements. It's just what happens...
But we had a fight, that could have been detriment to our relationship....it was about me leaving to college and him leaving to the marines and such, and how we were going to work things out with that, how we are going to maintain the relationship we have. But we realized, that we only have 6 months left until that all becomes a reality, until he has to leave August 5th......but we realized we don't want to spend it without each other...it's time that we want to look back on. Even if things don't play out how we would like them too, we will have memories that will last us a lifetime. And if things do workout how they should, then we will be able to tell our kids about those memories, and how I waited for him while he was gone for three years.....
It's a love story that never happens, that is extremely rare.....but nothing is impossible when you feel the way we do. As cheesy as that sounds, but i'm not as bad as him;) "I don't need anything for my birthday desi, I already have you and that's enough for me, you beside me always." Yeah...talk about a cheesy boyfriend;) haha but long story short...actually not even short. Just long. haha Ben and I are okay:) and happy as ever:)

So the argument we had was about me leaving to college....all the way in New York.
And it was because I had my official visit to the college two days later....so that kind of spooked him..
But New York...
Holy mother....
Okay. So I don't know, I've lived in Utah my whole life, the sheltered bubble. And then I arrive in New York and I've never been so overwhelmed in my entire life!! The coaches, the team, the environment, the campus, the dorms, the apartments, the student life, the.....everything. The only thing that threw me off was the environment...obviously I can't get used to the environment all in three days, but I do have to be safer and more aware of my surroundings...I loved the city life, it was just all so hard to take in! Because everything is so fast paced and people are trying to get somewhere and they don't pay attention to what is going on around them! I was the "valley girl" haha because I live in the valley and suburbs, i'm used to the slow kick back life, letting things sort themselves.....ha. In New York...that doesn't happen. At all. And you know what.....I really enjoyed it:) Desiree Marie Guerrero might be going to run track and field in New York. 
Just walking around campus and trying to figure it all out...going through the the track and field hall of fame, watching the team interact, just being part of the college, it was kind of like a dream. And TIMES SQUARE!!!! holy cow that place is AMAZING!! I've never seen so many people in one place!! And it's so so pretty:) I also went shopping on this cute little city called Broadway! Not thee actual Broadway, but this cute street had soooo many adorable boutiques! Including Brandy Melville!!! ahhh man, I really do want to go back!!!
I also realized I love traveling! I love flying and being on a plane:) after being on a plane four times in three days....I ended up looking forward to my layovers and long flights!! It's soooo fun:) I'm definitely going to travel when I'm older and financially stable;) hahaha

Oh ps...my obsession with One Tree Hill has escalated to the top. haha! I'm on season four and its been like three weeks! hahaha i'm watching it right now as I type. Oh and also, I hate Deb. So much..if you haven't seen this show, get on it! It is honestly the greatest series I will ever watch. 

And i'm also very tired, soooo i'm gonna crash. 
So good night:) and i'm going to post some pictures of New York and stuff:)

i saw dora:)

the floor at one of the buildings of the ny college

ny graffiti 

my city..and possibly home. Manhattan

subway guy;)


times square

my perfect adventure

he just barely turned 18:)

happy birthday babe:) <3

just fun:)

the look

memories from the past year and a half...not even a quarter of them:) his birthday collage;)

let it snow let it snow let it snow:) my Norwegian friend Viktoria and I in the snow in the school parking lot  

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