Lately I've had a lot of thought and pondered much on many decisions in my life. I'm comforted by the feeling and answers I have received regarding things going on in my life as far as the path of religion I want to pursue and what school I would like to commit to.
The other day I went on a walk with my boyfriends sister, her husband, and little baby niece. I talked to them about everything going on in my life that was putting so much stress on me and they gave me advice that i'm going to carry with me forever. Although, they do know where mine and Ben's relationship stand, and they have offered their house to me to stay at to make things cheaper because they live 10 minutes from the college I could potentially commit to, they tell me that no matter where I go, whether it's close or far away, it will be the right decision. Whatever answer my Heavenly Father may give me is what I must trust. And of course, I will go through trials, but God will not put me through trials that he doesn't think I can overcome. And I have had so many answers in the past few days, God has a mysterious way of working when he provides answers. They can come in the strangest ways, but an answer is an answer and I believe that Heavenly Father has a path for me, and always has had his own plan, and it just depends on when he wants me to experience the things he has planned for me, and I must take action on his commandments to be blessed. I am truly excited to start this journey of my life, and commit to what has always been on my pathway in life.

Well, to shift some gears, I just checked my email! And for those of you who are avid Victoria's Secret shoppers (like myself), I just found out that they added $25 to the Secret Rewards card:) I currently have three rewards cards that i can NOT wait to use come April!!! And I plan on getting a fourth some time soon. So at the least, I will have $40 in VS bucks!! Ahhh...someone has got to tame this obsession. Whenever I go to the mall, Ben has to pull me away from that store because 1. What boy feels comfortable going into that store with his girlfriend? I mean some may, but my baby is just one of those guys that likes to tease me about my obsession to that store but when he has to actually go in with me, he'll wait on the bench outside and then pretend to ooo and awww at all the goodies I got afterward;) hahaha long story short, my shopping life is consumed by one store and one store only. Plus, I used to work there. Ahhhh, I was able to see everything that was coming out in the next few months, receive a 30% discount, wear fancy black clothes! But to my dismay, my track and field personal training schedule did not fit with theirs, and they asked me to work their hours during season, which is something that I could not do.... :( So I had to quit, and leave behind all the awesome perks of being a Victoria's Secret employee, but they did ask me to come back when I had time and that they would put in a good word to other Victoria's Secret stores if I decided to go elsewhere:)

I also love shopping at this place called Plato's Closet. It's a store only in Utah I believe! But they sell recycled clothing, and I for one do not like to overspend on money unless its at VS;)
But it's cool because you can find the best stuff at these stores that no one else will have, and its surprisingly good quality! And, drum roll, it's REALLY cheap! I get probably three shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, jewelry, and maybe a skirt or shorts for about $50! And they aren't some cheap quality clothes, I'm getting name brand stuff from previous seasons or clothes that just came out! It's so nice. I do all my shopping there! And you can sell your clothes! Sometimes they will rip you off in prices, like I got a shirt in New York that was really nice and it doesn't fit me anymore, I spent about $20 on it and they gave me like $10 for it. haha I was so pissed, but once I got $60 for bringing in a few stuff!! Gas money! haha
Here's the link to their page if you live in Utah and want to find some sick stuff!

Also, with Ben preparing for his mission and me preparing for my baptism, it is important that we stay worthy of the Lord, so we have made the promise to ourselves and each other that we will continue or journey to cut down on kisses and such, and so far, it isn't that bad:) Which is proof to me and him that our friendship is the core part of our relationship and always will be. He's my best friend, not just my boyfriend:) and this weekend we are going to go hiking and read scriptures up at the top of our hike:) It's going to be a spiritual adventure, we are overcoming challenges right now:) And that is bringing us so close! Him telling me that his desire for someone else has been gone since he met me, that he wants me to wait for him so we can be together later on in life, that he is not going to lose me ever and will never leave me, that he will stand by my side for all eternity, is something that will always brighten my day. I love my missionary, and to all my waiter haters, watch us prove you wrong.
To all my waiter haters :)
And my inspiration are these two perky lovers and the girl that inspires me and shows me that love is love and if you believe your love is worth it, its worth the wait.
check out Hailey Devine's Vimeo profile and her lovely videos, give her a follow on Instagram at HaileyDevine, and maybe check out her blog www.somethingdevine.blog.com
Here is her Vimeo if you can't find it:

 He's somethin' else. Our very favorite picture:)

Okay, look how fun this is. I HATE furniture that all matches, walls that work with the counters, I liked mismatched furniture that all clicks together in some way. I also have a pet peeve of cups and plates that all look the same and uniform. Spice up what you own a little! Do some DIY and make your living space YOU and not like everyone else's house with "please excuse our messy house" signs and quotes all over the place.

Some ideas, inspiration:
DIY Sharpie Design Coffee Mug.

Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips. Use Mod Podge as the glue and sealer.Apparently it's cheaper to cover your floors with money - and it looks pretty cool too.


A Star Designer Invites Us Into Her Dreamy Little BK Cottage via refinery29harry potter
The entire first chapter of Harry Potter written under the stairs.office.adore the quotes..

okay that's all i'm going to post for today. Sorry that it's so so SOO lengthy! I'm just really in love with sharing my thoughts with you guys:)

peace out homies!

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