life lately;

Okay, so i'm at work. And let me tell ya, my job is as easy and it gets. Of course the waking up part is the hardest...I wake up at 5am....ouch. Right? But it's very simple, I open up the resident clubhouse at 5:45, brew up some regular and decaf coffee for people who come in early and I throw in a pot of hot chocolate as well. I then set up the waiting room for the kids that come and wait for the bus in the morning and I put on Just Dance 4 for them, honestly, I feel like after playing that everyday the kids would get tired of it, but they don't! They play like animals! After I do my cleaning chores its about....6:10am. By that time I sit down at my computer and check the emails, and when I finish reading through all of the emails I have free time till 10am! :) So I get all my homework done and I surf the web, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter until I have to brew up more coffee or check the bathrooms (which is an hourly job). Yeah, and I get paid more than my physical therapy job! Which is kind of crazy because I do a load more at my PT aide job....
But money is money, I can't complain!

Also I realized I am very much a morning person once I get up and running! It sucks waking up and it takes me about 5 minutes to build the motivation to actually get my ass out of bed, but once I get dressed and fix my hair, I'm very much set for the day! I don't sleep in at all the entire week...which blows because I could if I wanted to. But every other day i'm up at 5am and the days i'm not up at 5, i'm up at 6:15 for school. And Saturdays i'll have to be up early for track and field invitationals every now and then, or working at my other job at 6:30. So i'm up at 5:50 for that! Oh, and lets not forget 9:00 church on Sundays, so obviously i'm up early for that. And because I go to my friends wards (because i'm not exactly part of one) I have to wake up earlier because i'll go my boyfriends ward, who lives half hour away from me, or my best friends, and she only live 15 minutes away, but still. haha oh and she has 12 o'clock church so I like her ward a lot because of that;)
Anyways, a lot has happened since I posted last, which is kind of exciting:) so i'll start to ramble on about recent events:)

Track and Field has started! This year we have a new coach...........................
Yeah, he works us to the bone.
Okay okay, I really do love how hard we works us because:
1. It's going to benefit us individually and as a team more than usual.
2. We will be stronger than previous years.
3. I'll have better abs (1000 abs a day, yikes).
4. We have longer practices.
5. More one on one time, at least to me.
6. I like running

No, I love running. Yesterday our workout was pure hell. I got home and finished up my abs and jumped right into an ice bath for ten minutes, and this morning, my legs are able to stand! I hate ice baths, but they feel amazing once your legs go numb and the cold doesn't bother you as much!
Also, we have our first invitational this Saturday! I'm thrilled. Seriously, the excitement in me is turning into adrenaline and just typing about it makes me type faster and I just can't wait to run!!! It's going to be a really good season.

Wow, I would really like to know what my Words Per Minute was that last paragraph...haha.
Ummm, lets see. Updates on the boy:)
We are growing as strong as ever! Really focusing on the friendship part of the relationship lately, which I enjoy immensely! It's one thing to be in a relationship and boyfriend and girlfriend, and its another thing to really be best friends for eternity and be there despite any situation. I have been having a ton of family issues lately, and i'm so thankful that I can truly trust him with my life to never leave me in the dark and be the one that I can pour my heart out to, and know that he is concerned and will do anything in his power to make me life easier for me. We have made changes in the relationship, he is preparing for his mission so we have to take it back on the physical affection, which will be okay because in all honesty we are more best friends than anything, we just love each other more than a best friends. haha if that makes any sense. I just love him to death, and all I need is him in my life to make me more than happy.
I found a scripture in the New Testament after Ben and I had our talk about his mission and preparing for it and everything! It's in Matthew chapter 26:41- Watch and pray that ye not enter into temptation: the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
And I feel like that verse applies to anyone who accepts it, step back and look at your relationship or any temptation in your life and realize what is most important to you both in a relationship or if you are going through a trial in life.
For my boy and I and our very, very long relationship, right now, as we are both going to separate soon, him leaving to the Marines, and me to college, we will need our friendship more than anything. Yes, the kissing, holding hands, and such is nice. But some of it is not essential. Like kissing a lot. Of course, some of that may be needed in a relationship like holding hands, etc., but we have more important things to focus on. Ya know? We need each other more than anything, and the temptation of evil things will only make us grow apart because we both know what is right for us. You as a person in flesh may be weak in situation, but the spirit is willing to help you and strive to be a better version of yourself.
And the best part about that verse is that it's not one that I looked for to read, its the first verse on my lists of scriptures the young womens leader gave me at my boyfriends ward! It wasn't a coincidence that that was the first one on my list, it was just something that I needed to read for reassurance. God was just showing me where to read:)
I hope you all can apply that to your own life, whatever your situation may be, whether it's a relationship or a trial in your life, take a step back and look at the reality of things. It helps put things into perspective.

Also, I slayed Ben in Mario Party yesterday! Yeah, beating the men at their own video games. Actually, it was kind of luck...haha but he might be gone with weekend up at St. Geezy (St. George)...So i'm really bummed. I hope he stays;) hahaha i'm so selfish...haha:) But hey, this girl loves seeing her boy!
Recently, He had his first soccer game! It was last Friday! He is the keeper/ goalie on the team. It's his senior season and I know he wants to take state so bad! I know he can do it too! His entire team can and I know that! He has a game today that I will be attending after track practice!
Last Saturday he came over and chilled with my family, which is something I don't enjoy too much, just because of where my relationship stands with my parents....but my siblings love him so that part was fun, just playing with all the little ones:) But then he took me to see the movie The Impossible! Which is super depressing and sad, its a good movie though so you should see it if you haven't. I probably would have cried if Ben wasn't laughing at it and saying cheesy things like "i'd rather watch you than the movie desi" haha which now that I think about it, is kinda creepy, seeing that he would be staring sometimes when I looked up at him. haha It's okay though, he loves me;) haha
Sunday, we were both WAY too tired to attempt church at 9am...I know that's really bad! But we skipped 9 o'clock church and went to his sisters ward at 12...but we only went to about..a half hour of sacrament and left...haha then we took naps at his house and made mac and cheese. But we are slacking on reading scriptures together on Sundays, we are just too tired and lazy after a spiritually filled morning, so I'll push us to do better. I'm a good girlfriend;) haha
Monday, me, Ben, and his buddy Avery went shopping. I didn't have any money, so when Ben asked if I wanted to go to Victoria's Secret I nearly cried because I couldn't get anything:( but he got pants at Pac Sun and Avery also got pants and this weird camo button up. haha he has a chill style. hahaha
Then we played Mario Party at Avery's:)

And now i'm still sitting at my desk, blogging away and waiting for the clock to hit 10 o'clock, the sun is shining straight on me and it feels amazing! I can't wait for summer!
Long boarding, hiking, boating, camping, visiting the arches, vacations, senior trip, graduated, friends, swimming, mountain biking, summer running weather, more money, more sleep, no homework, moving out, no snow, wakeboarding, beaches, shopping, late nights, and spending time with my baby:) just livin' it up in the summer while it lasts, before we carry on with our lives.....
It's sad to think about. The day Ben leaves to bootcamp August 5th is going to be the hardest day of my life to date, and i'm starting to prepare myself for it now.
Just got to enjoy each day while we have it.

Peace out homies!

ps. 51 more school days till graduation!!!:)

sundays get kind of boring, so we play with food..like grapes:)

his game on friday, winning 3-0. love my orem boy!

my best friend since 8th grade got his mission call last thursday! he is being called so serve in the Birmingham, England mission! He leaves July 25 for two years!! and he goes straight to the England MTC! I love my brother!:)

this is me, enjoying the hot cocoa at work

my cute future missionary:)

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