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I would like to start off by saying how beautiful it is outside today. It may be cold, but it's a clear Sunday and there is so much to be thankful for!
And on that note, I am thankful for so many things and I know it's been rough lately, but that is no reason to be down. Yes, I have been experiencing a lot of trouble lately and have been questioning if I will ever get out of this tangle of trials. But I know that I will be okay, that I am on the right path, and all its going to take is a little bit of faith and I do believe that I will make my trials my greatest blessings! A cute boy I love told me that yesterday after my car broke down at 12:30am (perfect way to end the week, right?).
Cool thing though, my car wouldn't turn on yesterday morning, it was the beginning of all my problems. Shortly after my car wouldn't turn on, I said a prayer asking for help and guidance through this trial and that I will remain safe. A few minutes later my dad calls and says his best friend who happens to be excellent with cars (he's kind of a mechanic) was on his way over to help because he was in the area. Fate? Coincidence? nope! Just the Heavenly Father answering my prayers just like that.
Another instance; I was helping my boy later on that night with his job of cleaning a dentist office. We were on our way when my car kind of stalled on us in the middle of the road, so we pulled over and right away he said we should say a prayer (I love him) and so I said a prayer and within a few seconds of turning the key, my car started and got us to his work and back to his house safely.
The Lord works in mysterious ways, but we can always be thankful and know that everyday we are being blessed because he loves us so much.
Also, from this experience i've learned that prayer is such a huge part of my life now. I can't even count on one hand how many prayers I am saying each day, SO many! Yes, talking to people about your trials and getting immediate advice is nice, but talking to your Father in heaven is what really matters, even if the answers are not at that instant, you will receive the right answer at the right time.

Okay now listen, I am in serious need of a prom dress! I can't find one anywhere and now i'm getting very impatient. So, with prom three weeks away, I desperately need to find one. And yes, that seems like plenty of time! But with the schedule I have...it's hardly enough. I have a few ideas of what I fancy, so hopefully I will find something at least similar. But until then, i'm still looking for "the one".


and as for prom hair goes, my boys sister will not be in town...so she can't do my hair. So that leaves me on my own, to do this hair of mine. I can't decide if I should get a haircut between now and then and get bangs, or if I should just leave it the way it is. PS it's getting really long, so i'm really scared to cut it because it took it a while to grow out.
Hair ideas:

I'm obsessed with her bangs. Absolutely obsessed.

Side braid

loose waves

Those are my choices so far...

As far as my track meet went last Thursday and Friday, I mean there's always better days. I'm just looking forward to the next week and training hard to achieve what I want to achieve.
But I did have a good time with my coach, my team, friends, and my coach has adorable babies that I can't get enough of so it was nice seeing them too:)

I would also like to give a sweet, sweet shout out to my perfect boy of mine. He played the game of his life on Thursday and I couldn't root him on because I had my track meet...
But he played fantastic and i'm not the only one who thought so.
Check out this link- I am so proud of him, and I know the team can take state if they keep playing the way they do.
I'm going to share just a bit of the article though of Ben:
The Tigers kept attacking on offense while focusing on the defensive end to keep the Bruins away from the net. Senior goalkeeper Ben Mitchell maintained the shutout with a handful of fantastic saves- including diving in time to deflect a penalty kick with his finger tips- throughout the latter 40 minutes of play.
"He reads the game so well and just gets himself in a good position," Louder said of his goalkeeper, who recorded his fourth shutout of the season.
"He's aggressive. He'll throw his body after anything. He's not the tallest kid out there, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in getting position and effort."

That's my boy:)

Orem goalie Ben Mitchell blocks a penalty kick by Mountain View in prep soccer in Orem Thursday, April 11, 2013. Orem won 3-0. (Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News)

PS. My experiment of the week was listening to Disney classics every morning for a week, and I will admit, my mood improved! So try it out! Disney works wonders:) 
And i've had this crazy obsession with Disneyland lately, I NEED to go. Badly. 

Anyways, I'll talk to you guys later! I've gotta go! 
Bye now:)

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