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Okay, okay.
Two days ago my post was really depressing, as you can tell. But i'm glad I can tell you that that night my parents and I had a really long conversation, and I ended up staying, long story short!
So i'm at my house and my parents and I are really trying to work on our relationship and make things better.
But I don't want to say much on that anymore because that was a really rough part of my week...a really rough part of my life! All I can say now is that i'm so thankful for my friends and family and of course my Heavenly Father.

As far as yesterday, It was one of the greatest days i've had in quite some time! I did have a good day at school, getting grades up and such, oh, and I had a wonderful time with my friends and I believe I earned an A+ with socializing. Usually I don't talk much at school because well, I'm never there, my classes are at the minimum so I don't have to go to lunch one day, and the next day I just go to my best friends house and eat. But it's fine because I have my real friends and the ones that I hang out with on a daily basis, so those are the ones I'd rather talk to. Ya know?
Anyways, I also had a track meet yesterday! And I actually did well, despite my nerves. But it was a huge meet, and it continues on today! But I ran well and qualified for finals and so I will be running the 100, 200, medley, and 4x4! Hopefully I place in all of them! But I feel good about it so as long as I stick to my regular routine and just calm my nerves, I should be fine! I'm excited. But I was even more nervous yesterday because the coaches from the college I committed to (Utah Valley University) were there watching, and of course, it was kinda crazy because they are my future coaches!
Oh and ps, I qualified for state in my 100 meter and 200!! So i'm officially going to state! That was a few meets ago though, I just hadn't known the qualifying time for state until now.
Also, my boy came yesterday to the meet with his brother in law and sister and their cute doggy! Not gonna lie, I can feel myself run so much faster and more loose when they come. I guess it's nice to have that support! I appreciate them so much for coming and being there! Because lets be honest, track is not the most entertaining sport to watch. Just because there is constant waiting and the races that are actually pretty interesting are over in like less than a minute. Yesterday our meet was a twilight meet so it went until way late, which I hated.
There's a twilight meet on prom and I told my coach that I wasn't going because i've got something really important to be at:)
Hey, I want my senior prom to be no stress and just me and my boy enjoying our night:)

Well today I am just preparing for my meet! My parents let me sleep in so I could be well rested for this meet of mine. And I'm so glad because I am tired!

Last night after the meet, my best friend and my other friend just started talking about how thankful we are for the gospel, because we were truly blessed that day. I know I was. And I know that I don't deserve all the blessings my Heavenly Father gave me, but He still gave them. I am so thankful for the atonement and that I am able to repent and return to my Father in heaven and His son one day. I am grateful for His guidance and even though I didn't have Him in my life personally while growing up, He knew that one day I would welcome Him and His son  into my life and for all eternity. Heavenly Father still guided me through my trials and loved me no matter what, even though I never asked for that help. But now I realize how different  my life was then compared to now, how much happier I am because I have embraced the gospel.

Here's to a wonderful day, because I know it will be one!:)

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