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Do what you believe is right for you, and don't ever let someone else tell you otherwise


Hello there:)
I haven't written in what seems like forever! And my days have been full of exciting things:)
First of all, I would like to point out that my baptism is in TWO MORE DAYS!!!
I am thrilled!! Absolutely thrilled:)
It's crazy to think that a few months ago I decided to take this on full speed ahead. It very crazy to think that 3 years ago I decided to take an interest! And now the day is finally here (well, almost)! I'm going to be baptized into the church I know is true with all my heart, that I have all my faith in and will love for all eternity. I am beyond what words will ever be able to describe!
I felt the spirit all day yesterday! The previous day (Tuesday) I had a very rough day, I couldn't go a minute without a family member contacting me somehow saying I was making a mistake, saying I wasn't doing the right thing, saying they were disappointed. But I also had my missionary interview later that night, and I sat down with that missionary for an hour and bore my testimony to him in all that he asked me. I felt the spirit so strong in that room. I knew that this is what I wanted:)
But then I woke up the next morning with an off feeling, the feeling that someone was disappointed in me, and that maybe I should reconsider. It was a hard day, very hard. And then my bishop called me and said he would like to meet me and talk about things. So later that afternoon I went up to his house and we talked.
And from the moment I started to bare my testimony to him, I had never felt the spirit so strong in my heart, so strong in the room. I was so overwhelmed by this happiness and calm, reassuring feeling that I just started to cry, in the middle of my testimony of faith, I knew at that moment that I have been on this path for quite some time, the straight and narrow path my Heavenly Father is guiding me on, and Satan is working harder than ever right now to prevent me from doing what's right. But I won't let him sway my decision. My life is with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the love they shower onto me. I love this gospel, and I am so grateful for the people that have helped me with the process and supported me as much as they can.
My family and friends. Corrie, and Sara. Corrie's family, Sara's family. My wonderful best friend Ben and his incredible family. My ward family, and the new people I have befriended while taking this journey, such a great experience that I will never forget:)
Two more days:)

Oh how lovely today is!
It's beautiful actually! Although, yesterday was absolute terror with wind and such, I'm happy to see that the sun is out and temperature is rising once again. And hoorah! It's a wonderful day to go tanning! Haha, it's a long story...
I had a track meet where I got tan lines that should never happen to someone before prom...
So, I decided I'd hit the tanning beds to even it out a little, but a little bird told me that the Victoria's Secret tanning stuff works incredible!! So, I just might do that. I mean it's safer, and tanning beds aren't that great for you...

see? haha awful.

Also, I should really answer Ben back to Prom;)
he asked me the other night:) Very cute, very perfect.
I was just about to crash when he shot me a text saying to go to my front porch, so obviously I did.
And right when I opened the door our song "Angel" by Jack Johnson started playing, and I saw Ben standing there with a flower:) There was rose petals all over the porch and candles that spelt out Prom:)
Ahhh it was so, so perfect. Man, I'm one lucky girl:)
This Saturday is going to be amazing! haha
Baptism, Space Center, Macaroni Grill, Prom....perfection:)
But yeah, I have to answer him back, maybe tomorrow night? Yes:)

Oh, my hamstring is feeling wonderful! Yesterday at practice we ran 600 meters, 500, 400, and 300 all at 85%. Okay, it was really hard, but WOW I felt SOOO good running them! I am SOO excited for college!!
and speaking of which, I got an apartment! Actually, Corrie and I did together. We will be staying at Glenwood apartments which is BYU off-campus! Oh, they are sooo cute! The perfect size! And you can paint your walls if you want! I can't wait for college! Now that I've got it all figured out and such, this is pretty dang exciting:) Now all I do is wait:)

Perfect best friend, perfect roomy. College bound.

And I definitely forgot to take a picture of my prom dress, haha but i'll get to it, PROMise. haha oh man, too funny;)

Well, I hope these next few days go by fast because I am getting SO impatient!! haha only a little while longer, ahhh.

life is so good everyone:) go enjoy it!

ps. today my sister was pretty bored. So we started coloring! I put on sticker on her paper and said to make a picture around that one sticker!
So she was super creative! i wish I got a full picture of her drawing before she skipped off to school, but that is a good way to get a little kids imagination running wild when they are stuck on what to draw!!

also, my momma comes home today!! hooray!! It's about time! Her being gone is hard! A family needs a mother!:)

Grateful for these best friends of mine for standing by me 110% of this entire journey:) And props to them for giving talks at my baptism;)

This girl is leaving on a mission soon (middle girl)!!!
Fellow teammate and an incredible friend to everyone she meets! Kaitlyn seriously can brighten up anyone's day with just her attitude about life!:) Gonna miss you girl!
Argentina is getting one amazing sister missionary!!

kk..now i'm saying goodbye:)

But wait... 27 more days till graduation!! COUNTDOWN!!!!:):)

Okay, so make your day count:)

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  1. i've been reading your blog for a while now- and i love hearing your stories. i love feeling the spirit that you bring into my heart when you talk about how excited you are. I'm so excited for you!! i would literally go to it- but since you dont know me, that would be a little weird. but totally worth the five minute drive. it is heart breaking to here that your family is disappointed. but honestly this will be the BEST decision you could ever make. it will change your life forever and you will certainly love it:) it has blessed my life in so many ways. stay stong, even though they may not like what your going to do- just know they still love you.