another day;

...The was I wanted to.
Live your own.

It's another day, another long day.
I have so much I have to do today...sooo much. Just thinking about it kills me.
I have to go to school first of all, and that's never fun. Then I have track, and I also have to go to physical therapy for my poor hamstring, and then everything after that is a blur. I'm registering for apartments (it's about time) and then I think I'm going to my cousins graduation dinner...yeah there's a lot of different things I have going on this afternoon that I am just dreading...hopefully I live.
I just really need it to be Sunday already. Or at least Saturday night because I have missionary lessons:)
But I want Saturday's meet to be over and I want to sleep!! Of course I can't sleep anyways because well I have 9:00 o'clock church...and well then I have another graduation party for my cousin on Sunday...holy cow. I have gotten zero sleep the past few days and I am just drained! How do I make time just to get a nap in, or at least get to bed earlier? I woke up at 3am this morning for no reason! That has happened for the past few nights, I have no idea why! Insomnia at it's best...

It's just been a really rough past few days. Just when you want things to be easier it seems like it only gets harder. A lot of trials i'm facing right now, but I think i'll be alright after a few weeks. I have a lot of distractions going on, so i'm able shift my focus away from whats hurting the most, but as soon as summer comes I know life may get 100x harder because i'll have SO much time to myself.
But you never know maybe it will be easier, maybe i'll be fine, maybe things will be different, maybe i'll have my mom ship me out to California for the summer..haha. But no matter what  I just need to keep looking up, looking at the big picture will help me with how I feel right now...
I could be fine, but it's all up to me on that.

Also, I had track practice yesterday and practiced for the first time with  my hamstring that I pulled. Not my best practice...not even close to a good practice. And there's a huge meet at Orem High tomorrow called the Tiger Trail Invitational. It's big...
So I really hope i'm feeling a little better by tomorrow.
And Ben's hip is still having issues so keep him in your prayers, he really needs to be healthy. I mean I know he will get better but I know how it feels to be out of your season, and it is so, so difficult. I can't imagine what being out of your senior season would be like...I mean yeah, I have my hamstring, but I know that I can heal that within two weeks. But when Ben's doctor says his hip may take a few months, those words can seriously stick a dagger through your heart. So keep us both in your prayers.
But as far as Orem High Soccer goes, the team is still first in 4A! :)

But okay my baptism is in EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!
I can not wait anymore. I can't wait another day, let alone another second! This is killing me! I'm ecstatic about all of this and I could not feel more blessed:)
I can't believe my life has come this far, and I just think back a few years ago and I never would have suspected this! But now it's here, i'm on the straight and narrow path that is guided by my Heavenly Father. Life is good when you let the Lord into your life, it's so, so good.

Oh! I found a prom dress yesterday!!:) Let me tell ya, it is fantastic:)
I will post a picture of it soon:) but right now I don't have one, so expect one later today!! It's incredible and was $139! And we got a big pearly necklace for $18!
ahhh, I love it! I can't wait for Ben to see it:) hopefully he likes it too:)
Next Saturday is going to be so busy but probably the best Saturday of my life!
Baptism in the morning and senior prom later that night. I'm kind of thrilled.

anyways, i'm finishing up. I'll post later! Bye now:)


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