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Hey guys I have a problem. It's called online shopping...and it honestly will be the death of me. Yesterday, I bought a book online from Barnes and Noble....and today I bought a shirt from Old Navy..like what am I doing...
Well I got this shirt, because I thought it was fantastic!

 26 Graphic Tees for Summer

And like sure it's not THEE cutest. But honestly I love it and it's simple, and like I could just wear it whenever. And it was $5....haha soooo in my eyes it was worth it;)
But...nonetheless, I need to quit this habit of mine. I used to hate online shopping because it would take forever to get to the house..but guys, I have zero time to actually go to the mall, and I love just opening the door to a package with my name on it. It's so fun! But you're right, I should stop.

Yesterday was pretty fun:)
Well my best friend and I have started to hang out with girls that are going to be living by us in college, and it has been so fun! I honestly have the time of my life with these ladies!
Like two nights ago we went to Cafe Rio and just talked and ate and just that was fun. Because it was good for me to get to know them. And then last night we went rollerblading at night (call us the lil riders) and went to this park, and climbed on top of the building for the bathroom and just sat on top and watched the stars and talked, took pictures, had a good time:) like I feel a lot better knowing that i'll have people there that I know. Like we've made plans for just hanging out a ton and sleepovers, breakfast, dinner, whatever. All I know is that I'm sooo excited to hang out with all these amazing new friends I made. College is gonna be good.

And speaking of college:)
I started packing the other day, just for fun. Just clothes that I know I won't wear at all for the rest of summer. Like my random tshirts and such. And my mom saw and she started to cry;) haha it was the funniest thing. But also so sad...
Well it also occurred to me. Guys, i'm moving out soon! And it's not just me! All you seniors that just graduated are moving out too! So I literally had no idea what to do...like, you'd think I know how to pack up, what to bring? Its hard okay? So....good thing i'm close to home so if I do forget something...It's about a half hour drive and i'm home again:) but still......I only know like basics to bring, so hopefully I can pack everything just right.
But listen, because my apartment we are allowed to paint the walls! but I'll show you what me and my best friend are gonna do:)

cool right? We are already getting together all the pictures and everything. So you could say i'm thrilled:) I just hope that our roommates aren't completely bugged by how tight me and my best friend are. Like we've already got the tight relationship, ahhh I just want to meet them already. It's not even funny! haha
But I'm soo excited for decorating our room. We are moving in like a week early, so we will be able to work on it a lot!
I'll just show you what I plan on doing for the rest of my living space:)

sleeping under a cloud First of all, I plan on a white comforter, honestly. I want one so bad.

Cutest dorm ever
pay attention to the bed. It's raised and to hide the clutter, there's a sheet. So I will be raising my bed for storage! and putting fabric over it to hide the mess.

I don't know if i'll even have room for this, but my best friend and I plan on getting the master bedroom, so we will have more room. We are moving in early to ensure our spot;) haha
and well, I have a lot of clothes....so I promise you I will need something like this possibly. We'll see. I'll eye out the room.

splash of colour - fun throw pillows
hey white comforter with bright pillows. My kinda deal. I'll be getting some of those.

Apartment Decor DIY Roundup |
I will be doing this.

Well I decided that if you’re going away to college this fall for the first time, you’ve probably already started the whole shopping for college process just like me:) I realized there is a lot of stuff I just overlooked because yeah, I just focused on the stuff above that you would first think of when buying for college. But listen here. Make sure you grab this stuff. 
1. Can opener: Picture this scenario. It is 10 degrees and snowing, I mean.....I live in Utah. This WILL happen. And classes were long and hard and you’re pretty sure you’re coming down with a cold. You open the door to your room and you see it—that can of organic chicken-less noodle soup. You know in two minutes you’ll be enjoying its hot and savory contents. All you need is a—you mean you don’t have a—but your friend down the floor has a—she’s in class still isn’t she? Yeah. That's what's up. 
2. The Meds: Okay so the can of soup didn't cure your cold, well it's probably time to get some medicine in your system. Perhaps Tylenol or some Advil. Wait....meds? I thought all I needed to bring to college was like kitchen stuff and room stuff. So you reside back to your room with all your room stuff and down another bowl of soup with your kitchen stuff. 
3. Cleaning supplies:  Get a vacuum. Even if it's just one of those cheep ones you push around that don't make much noise. Just get something to pick up mess. Also, disinfecting wipes are good to keep around. I mean, I use them at home a ton! And if you have to clean my own bathroom there will be a need of like toilet bowl cleaner, a toilet brush, sponges, and some sort of mop contraption. I hate dirty. So as long as my roommates play clean, then we won't have a problem. 
4. Backup toilet paper: I can honestly tell you I didn't think of bringing toilet paper. Like what? So yeah, now I know. I don't wanna be wiping my booty with papertowels (wait I forgot I have to bring that too) or tissues (shoot...I should bring that along as well). 
5. Tissues: Unless you’re Damon, Stephan, or Alena..you know..some sort of vampire. Count on getting sick. And that backup roll of toilet paper is not soothing to your runny nose. 
6. Lots of Band-Aids: Although I don't usually use band-aids that often, I'm sure there is an accident prone person in my apartment. 1 out of 6 girls has to be accident prone am I right? So I decided that along with band-aids, I honestly think that bringing a first aid kit would be logical. So yes. Safety first errrbody. 
7. Mirror: I don't know about you, but a mirror in the room would be nice so instead of us all cramming into one bathroom, how about we try a mirror in the room. 
8. Real food: I’m not talking a bag of Doritos that you’ll finish before you’re done unpacking. I’m talking real, this could be a meal, food. Soup, Easy Mac, Spaghetti-O’s (which by the way, I LOVE), tuna fish—whatever you’re craving when you’re up at 1 in the morning and you NEED second dinner.
9. A power strip: So many plugs, so few outlets.
10. A light: Late night study sessions need a single light if you are the only one awake. 
11. Duct tape: Use it to fix your binder. Mend that hole in your shoe. Make it into a wallet. Nothing to wear to that party? Turn it into a dress. Duct tape—God’s gift to college students.
12. Staples: One would assume that a stapler would come with staples. They don't. 
13. Door stops: Opening and closing, people walking in and out, just get a door stop for a halt to all the noise while you're trying to cram in the homework. 
14. An alarm clock: Okay, college may not be the time for me to sleep through my alarm. And if you are a heavy sleeper like me and need like 3 alarms going off. One at 7:30am, another at 7:31am, and finally 7:32am...maybe i'll need a clock if my phone wont work out. 
15. Silverware: I don't know about you, but I honestly don't want to have to constantly buy plastic forks and spoons and have broken plastic everywhere. So just get cheap silverware, get it over with. It's a good investment. There's a better way than finger foods and slurping. 
One note that someone mentioned to me on something not to bring—quarters. Most “packing for college” lists tell you you’re going to need rolls and rolls of quarters for just about everything—laundry, vending machines, you name it. But before you turn your life savings into shiny coins, make sure your school hasn’t switched over to everything being on your card, like mine did. I can’t tell you how many times I had someone pay me back in quarters.

Okay, so that's my list!
Just don't forget those few things when packing up. I don't know how i'm going to fit everything in one trip, but I'll manage.

For now, I'll be residing on Pinterest for the next 40 minutes of work. So enjoy this overcast day, I feel like cuddling:)

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