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Hey everyone!!:)
So I hope the weekend treated everyone right:) It really is so beautiful today! It's hard to believe that summer is winding down..only a month and a half left of it! But that's besides the point! How are you going to enjoy the last little bit of summer?? Well good thing you live in Utah where there is honestly so much to do. Honestly.
You can go hiking, bridge jumping, mona rope swing, sliding rock, alpine bike jump, swimming, mountain biking, go on a ski lift ride, visit a resort, take a canyon drive and have a picnic, star gaze on the tramp, just kick it outside guys! The weather is so perfect right now! And if you aren't feelin' the outdoor thing, then hit up SLC and shop a little, go out to dinner with some friends to a restaurant, like thee....Cheesecake Factory:) that doesn't disappoint:) walk the city, explore different little shops, take some cool city pic, I mean it's all what you make of it. Honestly, I feel like Utah is amazing, there is something to do always! Hahaha
hit up the color blocks in SLC yeah? like below

or bridge jump. yeah? like above

Okay, trying to think. Saturday night I had to work! Bummer right? I just chilled here at work from 2-9pm and caught up on some Gossip Girl:) Which btw, I honestly could watch that forever. It's so GOOD!!! It blows my mind!!!:) I love Chuck Bass btw...so much. and Blair. Such a good show:)
after work there was this insane lightening/thunder storm like there was on Friday night. Which by the way was soooooo intense because I ran in that storm!! haha I went on a night run and then the storm hit. So Friday night I was running home and I was drenched. And plus it hailed while I was running, so you can only imagine how that felt. But Saturday was so cool because the thunder and lightening lit up the entire sky! It was beautiful:)
Then lets see.....Sunday morning was church! It was also fast Sunday so I starved:) but it's okay. As I fasted, I fasted for a lot of reasons and it made it easier. Ya know? Because the issue at hand is so important to me, that i'm glad I was able to fast with that in mind:)
But it was such a strong testimony meeting, I took notes on key points to everyone's testimony. And it's cool because for a while I was in a little..dump. I was struggling to feel the spirit, but I was so happy yesterday, not to hear all the trials that people go through, but to know that i'm not alone. ya know? It makes me feel good to know that there is other people just like me. Then in primary we taught my class about Ammon and the amazing missionary he was:) it was a good day in class:)
After church I went home and like an hour and a half later I was on my way to Ben's:)
Gosh I got there around 2? and didn't leave till like 12..haha:) I can spend all day with that kid! When I got there we watched Vampire Diaries for like...4 hours straight. haha it was unreal:) and SO fun! We love that show way too much.....
well it was also his nieces birthday! So we hung out with her a ton and played around with her:) also, I had dinner with them and Ben just enjoys throwing lettuce at me so it's fine. haha:) Everyone hung out and chilled after and we just talked! Then Ben points at me, and motions his fingers walking up something. And then he mouths, lets go on a hike. Hooray!! I love hikes:) except for I wasn't wearing hiking stuff. Well I was wearing tights, and it was blazing hot. And I was wearing flip flops. So I borrowed shorts from Ben and then some shoes. And his shoes were massive on me, like he's a size 9 in men's and i'm a size 8-8.5 in womens..haha
So hiking was a little difficult but still so fun because ya know what, it was with him and we just laughed and talked and we talked about real stuff at the top. Like just issues in our life and stuff on our mind and just how we are doing with trials. It was a really good talk, on top of a very perfect mountain, and it was so beautiful and clear up that. It was nice to relax beside him and smooch him every now and then. And then walking down was the hard part because it was all rocky and stuff. So after I tripped about 5 times in his huge shoes, he finally gave me a piggy back down part of the mountain and it's safe to say that I am lucky and have a really strong man:) haha
When we got back to his house we just hung out with his niece and family. We played hot potato and musical chairs for his niece. Then we just sat in a circle and asked each other questions! It was really fun to just relax and chill like that with his family:) Then Ben gave me a nice massage a few times. It was amazing and I wanted to fall asleep because it was so hot in that house.  But we just talked about what the family would do when Ben's brother Lane got back from his mission. Like what vacation:) and it was fun talking about that with them even though I won't be going;) haha or Ben...(he'll be on a mission). But we were just scrolling through Pinterest, brainstorming, and relaxing. It was a good kick back Sunday afternoon:)
And when everyone was getting ready for bed. Ben, Me, and Ben's bro and sis watched this really lame movie. I don't even remember what it was called, but it sucked. And was so dang slow and boring. So we turned it off and I decided to go home because yeah I have work right now and so does Ben:)
But even thought I left at 11, Ben and I talked outside for a while. We said goodbye and good night and the usual hug and kiss. But then we just stood there, and kinda realized that we won't get a moment like this for a long time after he leaves. And it kinda sucked to think about that. And he held me close and reassured me that we will be okay, and that there's no reason to worry. He was...really sad...I felt like maybe he was tearing up and I was shocked! But then again it could have been his contacts that bother him a lot;) But anyways....long story short, it was a sad moment, because in reality, we know how hard it's going to be, and if it's hard 20 days before he leaves, then we just thought, it's gonna be rough like the day before....
kill me now.
haha I was telling him earlier.. I didn't sign up for this!! But then I told him that I'm glad I did get mixed up in this situation, because I wouldn't have it any other way. And that made him so happy:)
I'm glad I can be his support:) It's something that is so special to me. I'm glad he wants that, and wants me to write him and wants me at boot camp graduation. I have so much faith in us it's crazy!:) I'm so proud to be his girlfriend sticking through this with him:) I wouldn't have it any other way, honestly:)
Yesterday was perfect, and I didn't do it any justice on here. But spending basically all of Sunday with him, without a dull moment. Is perfect to me, we don't need to do anything. I was more than happy:)
I love him. And just the crazy moments we have, where I can be completely real with him and him with me and just break down. Where we can be silly and I couldn't name all of the silly moments we have because they happen constantly and i'm laughing constantly with him so hard:) and he says I do this thing when I laugh really hard my head tilts back and it's apparently cute:) hahaha who notices that?:) haha or when you can tell he may be a little upset because maybe I snipped a little bit of his hair off with scissors, but all is forgiven within 30 seconds because then he tries to break hard in the car and send me sliding off the seat;) and speaking our mind to each other because we can be so straight up and honest:) him treating me absolutely perfect and like i'm the only one that matters at that moment in the world. Like when he helps me up the mountain on the hike, and carries me down, and holds my hand tight in his, ensures my comfort, he always wants to make sure i'm doing okay before he is:) I don't know, he treats me like a queen. And I will admit, I do think its adorable when he's not feeling good. Yesterday his stomach was sick during the movie, and he looked so helpless:( it was sad! I try and take care of him the best I can whenever his stomach hurts. Once he couldn't even sit up straight, he had to curl up in a ball, so I got him food, water, gave him a massage, etc. So yesterday I just gave him a massage:) I'm a good girlfriend:) haha
but I'm just head over heels happy right now:) I know that our time is short, only 20 days left, but we'll be alright:) as long as I don't make the letters I send him girly...or they'll kill him at boot camp;) haha

He would not take a picture with me to save his life, so I managed to snap this one;) haha


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