Lake Powell

Hey guys! So recently I've just been in an emotional slump. Yes, I am still kind of in it, but it's not as bad as before where i'm like crying every second. Only a day has passed since Ben has left but guess what, I have received comfort from my Heavenly Father, I have felt it, I have felt the spirit. And although sometimes I wish I could cry, it's almost like i'm grateful for the moments where my heart feels a little bit lighter. Of course I wish I could see him, I wish that every second. But some things take time and patience. And I have so much faith in us that waiting for him really is no big deal. I'm glad I can focus on me for a little bit:)

Anyways...I didn't tell you guys about Lake Powell.
It was like 8 days of paradise in a outdoorsy kinda way...ha!
But we boated every day like all day almost! haha wake boarding, tubing, wake surfing, swimming, cliff jumping, exploring, etc.
Despite the bug bites, the excessive heat, and stinky bathrooms, it was SO FUN!! And being there with my best friends made it that much better! I couldn't have asked for a better trip! I want to go back SO bad!!!
Let's just say it was a complete success and I can blab on and on about how great it was but we all know that that isn't as fun as pictures:)
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