Hey all! Usually I post every other day, but I've been working everyday this week! So I have SO much free time to do...nothing. haha
I don't exactly know what to write about because right now, all the craziness in my life has settled and right now i'm just...happy.
I can fill you in with a little bit of yesterday. I went to the gateway and fulfilled my desire to shop. So I got some cute new sunnies at Lolabella:) It's a pretty cute boutique! You should check it out if you haven't yet! I'm more of a fan of their accessories and shoes, because their clothes are just so bloody expensive! But here is their instagram page name if you are interested:)

Okay, what else. VS is having their Semi-Annual sale and that means i'm there on a daily basis. Kidding. But I am there a lot. But gosh I got a shirt there yesterday for $4...and it was one of those cute baseball tee's that were originally like, $24! Also, sometimes I wish I had so much money because then I would actually be able to afford clothes at Called to Surf..but oh well.
And lastly, I got a beautiful necklace at Bohme:) and that store is literally one of my favorite stores.
It's adorable, modest, and has perfect jewelry. Seriously, and it's SO cheap!! You just have to check it out. So here's the website:) and ps..some of the clothes I would never wear, but they have some cute simple things..and I like simple clothes...i'm not a fan of print...but nonetheless, this store is always go to for jewelry

But, if you're looking for a store that you can seriously find..the greatest clothes in, JMR chalk garden is unreal. There is a location at Fashion Place Mall and I seriously love that place.

Okay, enough of that.

I also went to the Discovery Museum too. And let me tell ya, I thought it would be soo boring. But it was like thee most interesting place. And my siblings got a kick out of it. Yeah...it definitely speaks to a younger age, but it was pretty dang cool. So that's at the gateway and is a great place to chill out with younger siblings or something. It's three floors of mindblowing stuff!
I stopped by Barnes and Noble too. I honestly need a good book to read, I haven't read one since the Divergent series, and I'm pretty sure it's time I start another one. So if you have any suggestions go ahead and leave a comment. I like adventure and romance:)

So now that it's been hitting the 100's in Utah for weather, that means my laying out days have increased. The other day I laid out for four and a half hours. It was beautiful. I laid out for and hour and a half at the pool, then went to my house and laid out on the tramp. Honestly, I couldn't have felt better. and I think I'm going to lay out when I get home from work today:)
This is what every teenage girl does in the summer, with those pictures of just your legs captioned "laying out baby!" and snaps of the stuff you have with you.
While tanning, I have found that it is essential that I have the following items:
banana boat,, tanning oil. okay honestly, this is obvious. If you are tanning for reals, you need tanning oil. So get this stuff because it's a miracle worker, plus...it smells incredible.
magazines are a must have. I had a collection of 60+ magazines that I've been collecting since 7th grade. I was an avid Teen Vogue subscriber and it's always fun to look at them no matter how old they may be. But the celebrity gossip ones should always be current. Those are my guilty pleasure. But InStyle is amazing, and Elle. So just.....get magazines.
 Clubmaster Tort/Arista / G-15 XLTsunglasses!! So check it out these are the new sunglasses I purchased:) they are fantastic and I love them. So you should really invest in a pair. Because honestly, who wants to layout with the sun bright on their eyes. No one. So just buy a good pair, one that fits your face shape and your for sure look good in. Guys don't wear like... Wayfarer's if they don't look good, don't buy aviators if they make you look like you just have bug eyes, just choose the right pair and you'll be fine:)

Use a mason jar for that jumbo sized lemonade  
lemonade!! For some reason, lemonade tastes 1000x better when you're in the hot sun laying out. But make sure its the fresh kind that is like...not all sugar;) haha
Also, if you don't have lemonade, it's okay because just drink water, or even flavored water! I'm definitely not a huge water person, the flavor is just to plain, so I tend to like flavored water or lemon water:)
and okay, occasionally it's nice to have an iced beverage. Try Starbucks Vanilla Bean with Caramel. Coffee free btw:) and it's oh so good:)

 guys, hair is just what you need to consider. Never do the hair down thing, it just doesn't work out. At least for me because I have longer hair. So just rock the messy bun. It's honestly my go to, everyday look. No matter what I'm wearing, I will end up putting my hair in a messy bun. It's cute, takes literally 5 seconds to do, and voila! Perfect hair for tanning. Doesn't get any better.

Iphone 4S music is a big one. Yeah you can read magazines but you gotta have music too. Laying out for me...is when I'll turn up so Alicia Keys, Beyonce, throw in a little Ingrid, Mariah Carey, Jack Johnson, pussycat dolls....basically everything. I like the relaxing music though, so it's gotta have a slow beat. I refuse to listen to exciting pump up music. It's my time to relax.
Honestly, just put on pandora and you'll get a variety of good stuff. Or just stick to your own tunes.

Use a sticker or paper and double-sided tape for the shape of your tantoo. Place the sticker where you want your tantoo. Apply sun tan oil/lotion and/or sunscreen. Stay in the sun for 2-6 hours, depending on how dark you'd like to be. You can also re-apply the sticker the next day. grab some tanning stickers guys! It's so fun! I usually use a sun or heart! They are super cute and it's kinda cool to have that tan line there. Shows how much progress you made:) haha and I usually put it right by my bottom (like in the above picture) or on my shoulders because they usually see a lot of sun!!

Beach Towel - PINK - Victoria's Secrettowel!! Who wants to lay out on the pavement? Or on a tanning chair at the pool that countless others have laid on, towel-less, might I add. With just their bathing suits on, and when you tan, you sweat, that simple. So bring a towel ladies.

Summer salads. How to eat a pomegranate what to eat to remove toxins, reboot your metabolism and cleanse your system! Great plan and extra healthy too! so when I'm tanning at least I like to eat something light because no one likes feeling all bloated and stuff while they have a swimsuit on. So just stick to fruits or if you are hungry have a fresh fruit salad with light dressing. Healthy and yummy, talk about win win!

 don't forget a tanning buddy, because lets be honest, tanning by yourself is kinda boring. So grab a buddy, a family member, your dog. Anyone. And enjoy the sun. And also don't forget to snap a few cool tanning selfies because it's always fun to make those friends jealous of your fun in the sun.

 remember to rep your VS swag. Because half the stuff I own is from there, so when you gotta cover up, throw on the PINK.

beach shower featured in Life magazine last of all don't forget to shower off. Please shower.

and who knows. Maybe you'll be lucky like me and get a little tan;) :

ps. If the sun doesn't seem to play in your favor. Try some of the self tanning stuff. I've used it once just for fun, and it was pretty good:) Check these out: http://www.victoriassecret.com/swimwear/self-tanners-and-bronzers

And on that note, I'll finish off with some of yesterday's pictures:)

ps, this is half of a size small....HALF.

And I'm done. That was such a long post!

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