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I apologize for my lack of life in this blog. If I read any type of blog that doesn't post for a while it bothers me so much! So don't worry i'm here! And I will probably post periodically now that school is on the verge of starting (kill me). But I have been updating my boyfriend blog! So check that out if you would like!
I've been having this creative streak, probably because I have SO much free time now that Ben is gone, but I really love doing art projects and such! Like now I have the actual motivation to go do that instead of clear away as much time as I can to see Ben.
But this is exactly what I wanted to do. Find out a little more about myself. I'm basically introducing me to myself and right now, I really am excited about what I see:)
I also decided to take a few self portraits (thank goodness for self timer) and it was pretty fun:) I love taking pictures. I may not be a professional, because well...I'm not. But listen, I just love looking back at fun pictures and just reminiscing on what had once happened.
Okay, so for the past little while I've just been taking care of myself. That means eating some food, watching some Netflix (I finished Gossip Girl), and the occasional mani pedi.
Okay, regarding Gossip Girl, I'm only on season 5 because season 6 isn't on Netflix. But listen, I LOVE this show. Like sooo much. It's amazing. It's so dramatic though, holy cow. But if you are looking for an amazing, dramatic, fashion forward, romantic show. This is it. I mean seriously. Look at this cast.

Gossip Girl---this is seriously my new obsession and I can't even get over it

Also i'm in love with Chuck and Blair
Chuck and Blair.

xoxo Gossip Girl

I really just love sparkles, glitter, bling, anything of those sorts. Like really. It doesn't get any better. I wish I could show you a picture of what my toes look like but I've decided I just don't want to put up a picture of my toes online! My hand is bad enough! But just for the visual:
Summer 2013 Bright Pink Nail Polishes Review Round-Up! found on Polyvore
It's the greatest color. Especially for summer if you've adopted some sort of amazing tan skin. Whether it's natural, fake bake, spray, or you were born this way(I apologize for the Lady Gaga reference).... Then a bright color polish will make you look that much darker. The first thing my sister said to me when I got home from the nail salon was "Desi you look so tan!"
It was the weirdest thing...haha

I also went to the zoo the other day, and I'm sorry but the SLC zoo just isn't my favorite zoo in the world. Of course everyone could probably agree with me when I say that, but I did take a fun picture with a man and his bald eagle. I'm proud to be an American.

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I forgot to say this at the very beginning! But we got a dog! Oh she's the cutest:) her name is Annie and she is a Border Collie! Ahhh I love her to death and she's the best and tamest dog in the world so I feel pretty good about this choice of getting a dog! It took a while to get used to but hey, shes happy, i'm happy, and that's all that really matters right?;)

Okay, well I just have to say. On a more serious note.
I have been having a hard time feeling the spirit lately. It's just been a really rough ride..
But then the other day at church I had a crazy amazing experience during testimony meeting! I like to take notes during church because it helps me focus and really gain a perspective on everyone's testimony. But I felt like this last Sunday, everyone's testimony was directed towards me and helped answer my questions and doubts. And an experience like that I will never forget. I wrote down my testimony right then and there in my journal. I took probably five whole pages of notes. FIVE. In one testimony meeting! It was an amazing experience and I was so happy to feel the spirit come over me again. I think I want to get my patriarchal blessing soon. So I really can't wait to do that! I'm just so grateful for all the blessings that Heavenly Father has blessed me with after I joined the church. Joining was the best decision I could make for myself. And I am more than thankful for his atonement. Without that, I would not be able to repent and return back to my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I wish I could just tell you how happy this gospel makes you feel, but that's something that I honestly can't just tell you. You need to feel it. I can sit here and say its a warm feeling that overcomes you and you feel reassured but that isn't good enough! Not even close!! So listen, I'm not saying to convert. But when you need guidance, turn to your Heavenly Father for answers! Welcome Him into your life and remember what His son did for you so you could live a good earthly life and return back to Him. It's such a neat experience. And before I went from not really paying attention at all to what Christ did for me, and not understanding a thing. I didn't go to church, I believed in Him and His son but I only believed because that's what I was told to believe, I never gained my own testimony. I didn't pray every night and morning, I honestly didn't know much. I still don't know everything! But finding the religion that fits you best, is an amazing feeling. Just recognize Christ's atoning sacrifice. That right there, is the one thing that blows my mind every time I learn about it! I love this gospel, I invite you to brush up on the atonement even if you think you know what it's about. You'll be surprised by how incredible of a sacrifice it is when you let yourself indulge in it. And if it's all new to you, don't even worry, not one bit. I'll dedicate the next night or two to study about the atonement, and then I'll come back and write a little bit about my thoughts and experiences!
warms my heart

Also, I'll just let you know. I'm trying to find a cute DIY countdown board to countdown to when Ben comes home...but I can't find one I like!!:(
Pinterest has never failed me...until now...

Well here's some selfies.

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  1. hi gorgeous! thanks for commenting on my blog :) i would love to be blog friends with ya!

    I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL. and i just finished season 5, and i am so obsessed i am having to buy season 6 just so i can finish it! it is the very best.

    love your blog cute girl! can't wait to follow along!

    xx, keena