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Okay so my question is just how fast could one week go by?
How thrilled am I?? You can't even imagine because that just means that i'm one week closer to moving out, two weeks closer to Kid Cudi concert and  college starting. But i'm also about twelve weeks away from seeing Ben...ha still a long time away but who's counting {but really the count down is killing me}
Plus, today I feel like is the day I shall be receiving a letter from my dearest, sweetest boy. Goody, goody I can hardly wait! I have next to a lot of letters to send out everyone! All signed by yours truly, sealed with a kiss, and eventually delivered to one of the worlds greatest.

Yesterday I was blessed with the honor to watch the one and only Erykah Badu in Salt Lake City. Listen, if you want to see a mix of hippies, wannabe's, drunkees, and just about every other strange soul to walk the earth. Go to one of her concerts. I love individualism, but okay, sometimes people are too much for me. And maybe that's just me, being able to handle opinionated personalities to an extent. I definitely do not enjoy when someone grabs my arm and demands to know my name while i'm walking towards the stage. Stranger danger. Too much stranger danger!!

Nonetheless, Erykah was incredible, and if someone deserves a praise for capturing true beauty of music and mood, she's the one. Her music is endearing and you feel good when you listen to it. And to think, my parents took me to this concert. Weird.

I feel most at home when I'm around him, my heart is with him. So it only makes sense that i feel torn between home and "home" as in where i live. If only i could make the best of both worlds and see him:) Ah, man.....
Well to explain this all, i decided to purchase a shirt. Oh, these shirts are adorable, and it was totally worth my time, effort, and money to buy

All I know is that as each day goes by, I miss him 10x more. This time is killing me...

I miss him, with all my heart

Well, as you know. I am moving out soon. So, so soon. Which mean's i should probably start packing up. But problem {big problem) what am i going to do with all my clothes?!?!?!

Okay, i absolutely love all my clothes, so it only makes sense that i'd like to take them all. But can i? will i? i don't want them to stay at home where they will become my sisters and mothers property. No way. Not even. I'm packing every last sock with me to college. 

But i'll be honest. 

When i'm jam pack stuck in the library for two weeks straight studying for a huge final, who says i'll be dressed in my best outfit? No, i guarantee you i will be in a sweatshirt stuck in a corner of the library. The same sweatshirt i have worn for the past week just studying for hours. 
I decided it would be smart to pack away my winter gear first that i won't even go near for two months. Then i'll look at my essentials. And that depends on you. What do you wear most in your closet? and what has been on that hanger for the past two months untouched? Be honest with yourself, and only pack and box what you feel like wont be an essential to you at least this semester. And guess what! Then you can unpack older clothes come second semester and ta-da , new clothes. And possibly, if those clothes still don't appeal to you, bring them in to Plato's Closet for some dolla bills. And well...if those clothes don't appeal to them {trust me it happens and is SO frustrating} THEN and only then, you can give them to your mom and sister. 

happy packing:) 

ps please excuse the jumble below. I'm setting up a bloglovin:)
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  1. Your blog is adorable!! I went to high school with Ben so I've seen you and pictures and such and I'm happy I stumbled across both of your blogs. You're such a cute girl! Let's be blog friends!!

    Oh I also saw your comment on Hunter Kofford's blog about your profile picture and I can help you with that kind of stuff as well. I've learned a lot about blogging and codes and such from Hunter and the internet so If you need any help with anything you can e-mail me!