night out

if i didn't have some of my closest friends to lift my spirits, it's hard to say what kind of person i'd be. I mean yeah, i'd be me, Desi. But my friends are one of the the greatest blessings i could ask for. It's safe to say that after a day full of overcast gloom and being stuck in my house, i needed the night to get out with friends. So a few of my friends came over and we watched The Proposal outside on a HUGE screen.
Listen, you wouldn't believe how much fun we had. 

The best thing about close friends is that you know you can say and act however you feel, and the only thing they'll do is laugh with you {or at you} I'm just saying a night with these kids, was needed. 
The best thing about last night was after the movie was over we all just kicked back at the park and talked about anything and everything that came to mind. No exception, you think something, you say it. And that was that. It was literally the funniest night i've had in a while, i won't lie when i say i was literally on the verge of tears because of laughing so hard!
it's fun to think that this girl, is my roommate. My best friend and my sister. But get this, we used to hate each other. Just our competitive spirits would clash, but eventually we were forced to work together on the 4x4 team Junior year, come to find out, we mesh pretty well! And yes, we've had the "should we room together your my best friend and i don't want to hate you" talk and we're pretty sure we'll be fine. Maybe. 
But my best friend is incredible!
First of all she is crazy funny and outgoing
When she's pissed off though...just don't bother her. Please just for the sake of everyone else. no.
Probably the most determined person I know
Extremely competitive
single. {Comment if your interested}
I just love my friends. SO SO much. 

Also, a few weeks ago I ordered this ring. And it's a fantastic ring. But the sentimental value this ring holds is like none other. 
It makes me miss him 1000x more each time i look at it. It makes me laugh too, because when i was ordering it i had the letters switched around. So "d" was first. But whenever Ben and i wrote b+d ....well he always claimed his initials had to come first because he's the man. So, because i love him so, so much, i decided that the "b" would go before the d. I'm amazing. 

And that was my night. I know, i know. Not much of a post. Shame on me, but i'll be sure to update you on how the weekend goes!

Also, no letter yet from Ben, no one has heard from him...
Keep up more with posts about Ben from over here 

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