This summer

Everyone, this is my last week at home!
And yesterday i laid out my last week of outfits which consisted of sweats and t-shirts {i'm really in no mood to dress up} and i boxed all my clothes up! My room feels so empty...
The hard part is all my little things like jewelry and such, I don't know where i'm going to baggage all those up. I'm just taking it day by day. I still have to live for about a week in this house, so my room should stay kind of in tact. It literally took me about 4 hours yesterday to box up my clothes though, it was such a tough process. It's like packing for one, giant trip! And we all know just how much fun packing is...
But it's always fun to take a few selfies while cleaning just for the heck of it.

Anyways... this will not be just another post about moving out, no.
Today i decided i'd post a few video's about some of my summer's adventures. Not all of them because that'd be a forever kinda post.

Yes guys, this is me and my two other friends on the terrifying ride. I forget what it's called, but lemme tell you, your stomach rushes to your head and screaming comes naturally. I've never been so scared before, but so happy and excited!!

A little bit of an afternoon ride on the golf cart with my foreigner. She stayed at one of my friends house, her name is Viktoria and she's from Norway. Except, now she's back home because the school year is over. But i literally loved this girl to death.

Really. Nothing is better than a bridge jump with good friends.

Or even when all your friends can dunk and you cant

And hanging out with your cousins couldn't get any better

Trying something you've never done before, and not quite getting it, but still being so proud

I don't wanna take too much room. But i know a lot of these videos may seem a little weird, but i've had an amazing summer and i hate that it's over and school is starting soon. But nonetheless, i can only move forward and record some more. Hopefully i'll get some videos on my real camera and not my phone. But you guys are great for watching and taking a peek into my life. I really appreciate it! 
Lets cross our fingers for a letter this week from Ben, a good last week of work here where i have the free time to blog all morning, and pray for another fast paced week. 


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  1. those photos! soooo cute! you totally lit up my day :)

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