the college experience

okay, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. SO,  so, sorry.
I haven't been posting and i'll be honest, i haven't had the urge to post because i've been so dang busy! And then at the end of the day, i get so tired and so i'm in no mood to post.
But now i'm here and i'll try posting every other day!

So let's look into the life of the average day of college Desi:)

so welcome to my room.

it took a little while but i have my room and i've decorated it to my liking.

yes, yes, i know it's not much, but before i fall asleep at night i'm able to look over and see one of my favorite letters from Ben in a frame, and some of my favorite pictures of us surrounding me. I'm truly, madly, and deeply in love with my sweets. 

And my lovely kitchen everyone. I've made breakfast, my roommate has made breakfast, i never realized how hard cooking is.
I just don't have the patience for cooking. Oh goodness, i can't tell you how many times i've made grilled cheeses because my schedule has been too busy to settle for anything else! Actually  i tried making a salmon dinner tonight but it didn't cook how i would have liked, so i settled for a quesadilla.

don't make fun of me! i'm sure i'll get better, but i just need more time! Not everyone can be good at cooking right from the get go!
But...i am good at pancakes. So there's that.

It's weird because i have an agenda now, i have a to do list! Every night i'm looking at my phone and going through a list of things i have to do for the next day. I also have to worry about dinner and what i'm going to make. It's also very stressful when i have to budget....

so this is what being an adult is like.

Last night i went to a party that my apartment complex was holding. They just passed out a bunch of flyers the day i moved in so my roommates, some friends, and i decided to go check it out.
Goodness, i feel like i couldn't have been around weirder people. And i especially didn't enjoy being pushed into the pool by some loser that was trying to have a good time and be funny. After that i decided to kick back in my apartment and after showering, finish my letter to my one true love.

The other day i had meetings all day at UVU that coaches held for athletes. Meetings started at 9:00am and i didn't get home until 6. I was SO tired at the end of the day. Oh my gosh, and i still had things to do. I was absolutely drained. I hate being busy! But....it was cool meeting new athletes and getting to know all the other freshmen girls and i kind of got really excited for the season! I love, love the team, although i don't know all of them yet, i really can tell that this team is going to be like my family to me. I'M SO EXCITED!!

And lastly, i really love my roommate. My best friend. My gosh, i love her. Oh, i know we are going to fight, i mean we've already had an incident of tension. But then we were over it and apologized to each other after we talked through it. But i know we love each other so, so much and i realized i'd be feeling so lonely if i didn't have my right hand woman. Sure, i don't feel exactly forced to meet new people because i have her, but i don't feel the urge to go out and be totally social at the moment, so right now i'm just doing my own thing, and i'm sure i'll make friends along the way.
Being on your own is kind of hard for everyone, and people handle it differently. But i'm content with the way i'm doing my thing and i'm keeping my promise to my love and remembering him in all that i do. 
Life is really, very sweet darlings.

read later for the first day of school adventures


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