Let me tell you about my schedule for a second.

I wake up, say my morning prayers, eat my breakfast, and then i'm off to my first class at 9.
my classes will go to 11:50 one day and 12:50 another day. After school, i'll go straight to The WAC, which is where the track and field office and locker room is located. I'll get ready for practice, take a visit to the training room if necessary to check on tweaks here and there bothering me and then i'll be running my butt off from 1:30 to 3:00 in the hot, hot sun (or 3:00-5:30 on Wednesdays) and after practice, i'll jump in the shower in the locker room, and then go straight to study hall. By that time it's usually 6. So study hall is this place where all the athletes at UVU have to go to and do homework. We have to spend 12 hours a week in that place. Twelve hours everyone. Can you even understand how ridiculous that is?? It basically ensures the coaches and athletic team that their athletes are getting work done. And yeah, i'll admit, it does force you to buckle down and get it done. But when i finish all my homework for the week at 6 hours, that means i'm spending 6 more hours in this prison doing absolutely nothing. I mean, yeah i have a book i've been reading to pass the time, but as the hours go on, you start to get a little crazy. And when the clock strikes between 8:30-9:00pm, i'm on my way home. I'll be home around 9:15 at night, and that's when i'll eat my dinner, then talk with my other roommates a little about their day, then get my stuff ready for the next day, write my letter to Ben, then i'm in bed and as soon as my head hits my pillow, i'm out.

And this is my schedule everyday. Can you believe it??

This is why i have no time to blog! I'm in study hall right now because I have weights for track every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7. So then i just had nothing to do so i decided a blog post was in order. So now you understand why i havent been on as much right? I seriously am so sorry, it kinda sucks for me because i LOVE blogging and so me not being able to do that is hard. I honestly believe that my blog posts will now be through study hall.Which blows, because i like being able to post from the comfort of my own bed.

but to my dismay i have to go so i'll be back on tonight with pictures:)



  1. i wish i was this busy! you're such a cute girl! we still need to meet up asap!

  2. Yes please!! I'm usually free weekends cute girl! Text me:)