Sorry i didn't post this yesterday. but here it is:)

Two years ago today i met my best friend

I can't even imagine my life today without him! he is one of a kind, the greatest light in my life, and my one sweet love. Today i woke up in such a good mood, i had a smile on my face and a good amount of energy the entire day!! I slipped on my "home" t-shirt and had my oh-so-sweet roomy snap a few pictures of me in it so i can send them to my love. Today i just found my mind wandering over to Ben during class and during track over and over again. And reminiscing today minute by minute. By this time two years ago, i had already met Ben just a few hours ago, and i don't know, it's kind of cool to think about. It's amazing how Heavenly Father has this plan for us, and we have no idea about it, but He brought us both together that day. On 9/10/11 i met the love of my life, the person that i trust with all that i am, and who has made me smile and laugh everyday since the second we met. 

So here's our love story.

9/10/11 happened to be the day of the 2011 Dew Tour. If you have NO idea what the Dew Tour, just think about the X-Games, and think of something like that sponsored by Mountain Dew. Hence, "Dew" Tour. 
I almost went back home. I had a bad experience with driving in the city and it wasn't getting any better. But my cute sister said that we really had to go, so of course, i braved the city streets and drove on.
Eventually we made it and we walked around collecting free stuff here and there. We people watched a bit and then decided maybe it would be fun to watch skateboarding for a few hours. So we slipped in Energy Solutions Arena, grabbed some ice cream and a little bit later we decided, hey maybe we should go watch the BMX competition. So we crossed the street, waited in line, and stood around looking for a seat, avoiding how awkward i felt looking at the stands, deciding if i should sit there, or here. Well then i saw some of my friends that i knew from Lone Peak. They played soccer and i saw some random kid with them (Ben haha). They had just finished a club soccer game and were at the Dew Tour because they scored free tickets. Crazy right? Well i saw them and went and chatted and introduced myself to the shy Ben Mitchell. 

It's kind of funny because when we swap stories about our different experiences we just laugh non stop. And when i look back at it, i can see the small moves he made that i never really noticed at the time (haha whoops). Like when we all sat in the bleachers and he said he made sure to sit beside me and ask me a bunch of questions. And when he realized i liked pictures because i took a billion at one time. And how he liked my smile and he says he has my outfit memorized. "You wore black jeans with a Vanz shirt, black and white bandanna print shoes, and you had braces" he always says. 

What a memory. 

I really was interested in him at this point because he was fun, outgoing, hilarious, and adorable. That's all i knew at that moment, so i decided i wanted to get to know him more. I shouldn't have been nervous but i guess i was giving myself that mental pep talk to go up and talk to him while he was standing there alone. Finally, i did. And you know what i'm glad i did:)

The Dew Tour ended and we didn't exchange numbers. He says the moment i left he regretted not getting my number and had to get to know me. He asked his friend for my Facebook name and he messaged me, we exchanged numbers, and the rest is history.

I don't know how we worked it out over the years with living a half hour away from each other and seeing each over weekends and the occasional week day. And listen, it was never easy all the time. The first few months of a relationship is easy, but it literally turned into work some of the times. But all those times we had to work, prepared us for the task at hand right now. And for the past two years he's stood by me more than any person ever has. He has helped me to love and enjoy every moment of life, to be happy no matter what, to be optimistic, to look forward to another day, to be spontaneous, to love and accept love, to live, he's taught me more than i could ever learn just by myself, and i truly am blessed to have had him for the past two years, and i'm SO excited for the future and all the good to come. 

I'm so happy that Heavenly Father gave me Ben, he's my greatest blessing, and i couldn't be happier this 9/10/13. Because these two years have been the happiest.



  1. I can't wait to read about when you see him again. That will most definitely be one cute post!!

    I still wanna do lunch soon!!:)


  2. Just text me when you can go girl!:)