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Okay, i promise i'm still alive. Really. And this weekend i'm gonna blog a lot. I decided that.
my life lately has been absolutely crazy, every minute of the day is consumed with something relating to school, track, study hall, or sleeping. And a lot of eating. a lot.
it's amazing that i even make time for a social life! these days, that doesn't come easy. If i want to be social, i usually am just hanging out late in my apartment with all my roomies and we just sing songs and play the uke and guitar. But, i'm not complaining. Every night is a good night in our apartment, so i'm not kidding when i say i scored with the roommates. They are perfect. 

tips and pointers for roommates

- reconsider if you want to room with a best friend
why? because it's hard sometimes. we're so comfortable around each other that its easy to get in disagreements and fights. but despite the tension my best friend and i have sometimes, i couldn't be more grateful for a perfect roomy.
-do you like your sleep?
every person in college stays up late. but try and find people that have kind of the same sleeping schedule as you. too many nights i have been up way past bedtime because all my roommates like to stay up. which makes for hard and early mornings.
-standards are important
really though, i got lucky with my roomies. i've heard horror stories. make sure everyone knows what you don't want to walk in on haha
-cleanliness is key to a happy apartment
we have people in our apartment all the time! so a clean apartment is important. it's important in general! everyone is in a better mood as long as everyone takes care of their jobs and washes their dishes. chores don't go away in college, trust me.

i honestly cant believe i got as lucky as i did. 

okay, track. is incredibly hard. but i LOVE it. i get to run everyday! i already am seeing how much i'm changing. i look more in shape and feel like it too. oh, everyone running is so very fun:) and i've made soo many amazing friends. like lifelong friends that honestly i can't get enough of. it's so cool to just make new buddies and be with them all day. Literally, some days we all have the same classes, then track, and then study hall. so they honestly are just family. i love my track family:) 

and lastly, ive never realized how hard it is to be on my own. i'm definitely not a home-body, but i do miss some things here and there. doing laundry is kind of fun though, so i obviously enjoy that very much so.

so overall, how do i feel about college so far? i love it. i love it so much. i love learning, i love track, and study hall is growing on me because you make tons of friends through there and you just hang out and talk and get some homework done, yeah i can get used to this life. even though it's busy, im totally okay with that. 

oh and ps. i can't forget my friends. 

college is so fun! so dont be nervous. it is stressful, but i love it. and i am so excited for the rest of the year. 

kk i'll post later tomorrow most likely:) 

have a beautiful saturday:)

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  1. I've followed you on Insta, but just stumbled upon your blog! And I really love it! Reading this post definitely got me all excited for college next year. Looks like a real good time!