rainy days

it's raining, it's cold, and i feel like crawling up in a little ball because my nose wont stop running, im coughing every 10 seconds, and my throat feels like its on fire. Everyone, i just need Ben, that's all. i just wish he was here to make me happy and laugh in this cold weather. i miss him.

on a rainy day like this i like to think back on those rainy days we shared together where we'd stay in all night and drown ourselves under blankets and watch walking dead till the late night and stay up talking till the early morning. i would be late for curfew, but it was worth it. it always was. that extra time with my sweetheart is what really mattered. the best was on these lazy days, we would always be in the most draining mood, we would just lay around all day and just feel SO tired and fall asleep every second of the day.

just like this haha

see? i just miss that. its the perfect time of year to have a boyfriend because its starting to get cold and the holidays are rollin' around and then you can just be lazy with your best friend! But mines not here..so that sucks. it really does.

also on these rainy days, Ben likes to cuddle a lot but he's also good at making me happy with his sweet kisses:) oh, i miss those! but LESS THAN A MONTH until i get those again!! for ten days:( but still...IM SO EXCITED!! the days just are too long! i want to be there already. this time next month i'll be in his amazing arms!!

and the countdown begins!!!

29 more days!!!!


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