i wish i had time to blog every day, i really wish i did. but i'm lucky i have enough time tonight. 
first i'll start off by saying being alone sucks! okay, i'm not talking about Ben, because that sucks, but all of my roommates are gone this weekend and guess how much i miss them? A LOT. 
first of all, my roommates are incredible, and i didn't realize how much i spend talking to them and being around them until i actually had no choice but to sit here without them.

last Sunday my roomies and i went up provo canyon and had an adventure through the beautiful canyon. everyone, if you havent been up through the canyons at all this fall yet, please go. because it's beautiful. the colors are starting to change and its nice enough to be outside without freezing. ahhh, i can't wait till tomorrow night when all my friends are back home. because trust me it sucks having them all leave me:( 

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