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well i'm sitting here watching a movie Ben's mom gave me called "Marine. Earning the Title" and i really want to cry because my baby is going through hell, he really is. he's going to be a changed man when he comes home, but i can't wait to be the woman who gets to support him every step of the way. and also, it was funny to hear his mom say "watch this and think, hey my honey is a Marine" hahaha

well my baby has written me a lot of letters since my last post but i'm finally on fall break which means, hooray! i have time to post!

September 22

"BABE!!:) 3rd Phase is over!!! I go to the crucible in 3 weeks! and then im A MARINE!!"

Ben didn't get any of my mail that week, which makes me mad, he was up at Camp Pendleton so my mail probably got lost in "limbo" he said. but i didn't get any letters all of that week too because he had field week and they take away his free time to write so...no mail....
but that week they did Table 2 and field week, and Table 2 is when you shoot rifles and stuff like that and Field Week is where you sleep up in the mountains and crawl in the mud! haha he was way too pumped about that. "Desi! did you see the moon the other night?! it was HUGE! we did a night hike and i watched it the whole time and pretended you were watching it at the same time"
yes i did see the moon sweetheart and every time i look at it i think of you."

September 23
"Hey Des...think about this...in 4 and a half weeks, i will be chilling with you back home eating candy, watching movies, and doing anything we freakin want!"

hahaha he's so excited!!!! well after he asked me a billion questions about my life and how its going he proceeded to make fun of me about a track and field drill that i messed up in, and then he said "Give Teo (my brother) a kick in the nuts for me! Remember how he'd always ruin my swag and he'd sit between us while we were cuddling? Freaking PUNK!!!" haha Teo is my little brother, he's 5, and every time Ben came over he would sit between us and Ben would always pout. and it was the cutest:) 
okay anyways! i don't know why Ben is so excited to go grocery shopping with me, he keeps talking about it in all his letters! haha "We need to go grocery shopping okay babe??? and i'll get you some food!!" 

September 24th 

"I know i'm not there, but i'm always with you Des"

They did their fittings for all of their service and Dress Uniforms! he said he probably spend over $1,000 on uniforms and he was really mad about that but he says he looks pretty classy so its worth it. haha oh Ben, he always likes to look good. so this week is team week and he said that they pretty much do nothing, which probably explains why he has been able to write a lot. that Friday they had PFT (Physical Fitness Test) which is a 3 mile run, max pull-ups, and max sit-ups in 2 minutes. and then they give him a score! 
he also said he had a dream about me the other night, but he couldnt remember it. "I prayed a couple times that i'd have a dream about you! and my prayer was answered!!:) i woke up happy though so it was probably amazing:)" 
"Des guess what?! ive lost like 10 lbs haha...i'm getting skinny and also i look older..you're gonna be surprised by how different i look..."
i don't know who he's so worried about how he looks, i know he's gonna look just incredible. im so excited to see him:) 
" judging by the pictures you sent me, you look perfectly beautiful as always:) those pics help tons by the way:) i save all of them! if i could send you pics i would, but im not even allowed to shower alone, let alone take pictures:)" 

....hahahhahaha i love him

oh! the other day Ben left his lock unlocked on his locker, something that doesn't even seem like a big deal right? but he got punished because of it...and he got IT'd (incentive trained) for 30 minutes, which is a very long time. he said he threw up 5 times and he was legit soaked in sweat when he was done....
holy cow....i'm so sorry you had to go through that sweet boy....that makes me sad...

and Ben also said he had a funny story to tell so i thought i'd share it with you....
"BABE!! i had firewatch last night. you should have been there! i cleaned the Head (bathroom) the whole time:) it was a PARTY!! ha....and then this DI (Drill Instructor) came out of no where and picked up my mop bucket and threw it haha! FOR NO EFFING REASON!! i thought it was way funny! i have tons of freaking funny stories to tell you when i get home:)"

haha i don't know why i think that's funny, but i can picture him telling me that person and it just gets to me haha

"ive changed a lot! but no worries because i am still completely in love with this one girl named Desiree!:) She's everything a recruit, man, or Marine could ask for!:) you're so supportive and it honestly makes the experience 10x easier, this is the hardest thing i've ever done, but i know i can finish this."

i love him, words can't even describe how much i do.

September 29th

"What up suger?! ahh man baby, you're so sweet!"

so team week is over! and Ben seems pretty stoked about that! like..really stoked. he said it was way good but it also sucked a lot...
and you know why?
because my baby got his wisdom teeth out.

seriously. think about when you go your wisdom teeth out, how bad did that suck? he was fed soft food all week while training, and he only got one day of bed rest and then he had to start drilling again. his jaw hurts pretty bad...but then he said it will feel better when i kiss it better. haha he's weird. 

But he did an obstacle course and he said theres a huge rope you have to climb and he made it up pretty fast and he felt like Spiderman hahaha. he also has his MCMAP test and he's gonna be a tan belt!
"Des w're down to the last 3 and a half weeks how crazy is that?! oh and by the way, we still need to finish Vampire Diaries:) and also Walking Dead:)"
IM SO EXCITED! the greatest thing ever was just winding down after a long day and cuddling with him watching some of our favorite shows. oh, how i cant wait for that. i can't wait at all.
For the most part, Ben is doing great in his letters, he's sounding like the same Ben i know but you can tell that he is growing up and maturing. He's turning into a stronger man and i'm so proud of him for all that he is doing.

haha Ben is so excited for little things, simple things. He's excited for things such as a Lord of the Rings marathon, making breakfast, going running with me, watching movies, driving through the mountains, just little things that i guess i have taken for granted. yeah, i have always made the most of time with him because i cherish it, but he is longing for that and the way he talks about things like grocery shopping and how he's so excited for that, is amazing to me. his perspective has changed on so many things. He's especially excited to go to Costco, haha i don't know guys, i don't know. haha
he's also been craving Cafe Rio and Cold Stone for a LONG time, so i'm gonna take him to those places when he comes home, and then we are going to watch Vampire Diaries and he is going to love that SO much.

September 30th

"Babe!! Tomorrow is October!! i am going to see you in like 25 days!!:) it's so crazy!! but thnk you so much for all of the letters you've been sending. they really help so much and seeing your face is way motivating:)"

so two kids got dropped from his platoon because they got caught smoking. how stupid is that? how dumb can you get?? you make it that far and then decide to smoke? im so glad Ben has common sense and morals. haha but they ran their PFT and guess what! Ben got a perfect score on the pull-ups and sit-ups but then he said he didnt do very good on the run...he ran 3 miles in 20.51. so he said he needs to work on that, which means he's gonna make me work on that with him, which means hes gonna make me run squaw peak again. AHHHHHHHH. kill me. but Ben's mouth has been hurting him a lot lately, like all the time. i feel so bad for him.... "i should have gotten my wisdom teeth out earlier! Boot camp is a terrible place to recover from wisdom teeth loss" 

October 1st


okay just when he starts his letters out like that i am the happiest girl alive:) his heart is huge and his love is even bigger, i love him to death. well he has done some more MCMAP and class. and after he had chow (food) they did beyonet assault course, which is pretty much just a bunch of crawoling in the dirt says Ben haha. oh and then he did pugil sticks again, which he is really good at:)
Ben said he went in and destroyed his partner and he hit him to the ground and then his DI blew the whistle and then Ben hit the kid in the head again and Ben's DI yelled at Ben so much hahaha. but Ben didn't care because then Bens Senior DI was like "That recruit is mine!" and Ben was like, that's what up bih (in his head) haha 
"sorry its been taking forever for my letters to get to you..i honestly never have time to write. it bugs me so bad czuse i want to write you tons of letters. and let you know how much i love you and i hope my letters help you:) im gonna snuggle with you everyday alright babycakes?:)"
and then he says how excited he is to see my apartment and meet my roommates. he's so excited to see my family and his and me, its just all kind of crazy to think that he's coming home soon. 
along with food, Ben's been craving some of my incredible back scratches, so i guess i'll have my work cut out for me. i'm gonna be tending to my Marine while he's home but guess what, i'm so excited to take care of him:) i'm gonna make sure he feels more than loved, hes gonna know he's taken care of:)

"Today my DI saw me marching and he was like 'Mitchell get over here!!' and i was like 'aye aye sire!!' and he said 'everyone watch Mitchell do this drill movement" so everyone watched and he was like 'that's how it's done!' and i was like freak yeah!!" 
hahahaha Ben was so so excited. wow i'm so proud of him. that's a big deal!! my baby is pretty bad A everyone. he's pretty good at this Marine thing soooooo....

oh and Ben is doing the Gas Chamber soon and that is going to suck bad, like so bad. i watched the documentary and your nose gets all inflamed and your mucus just runs and you can't breathe and everything stings. how awful? but Ben says he's excited. haha i don't get it, that boy runs off of pure adrenaline, i swear. haha 

but Ben is doing the Crucible in about a week and a half!! which is so exciting! HE'S LITERALLY ALMOST DONE. 

"Babe. i miss you pretty girl...but also i cant wait to talk to you in person!!! you better not make fun of my big bald head haha! i get that enough here as it is!!:) so youve been updating your blog eh?:) your such a cutie:) man i freaking love you: you are honestly one of a kind:) Heavenly Father gave you the most amazing characteristics i've ever seen:) you're funny, loving, loyal, sensitive faithful, beautiful. you're independent:) youre hard working! you are cheerful so happy:) you're so attractive babe. it's amazing to me how perfect you look. ALL THE TIME. the way you dress is attractive, the way you keep your body healthy, teh way your eyes get all squinty when you smile:) its so cute! and also when we hug, and you tilt your head back and kiss me with your arms wrapped around my neck:) i love how athletic you are. your so boss Des! honestly how many people can say they are good enough to run track in college?!:) not a whole lot! i love the way you wear your hair up in a loose pony tail, and have little color streaks in your hair:) i love you so much baby. i'm in love with everything about you:) your the girl of my dreams sweetheart:) keep your head up baby, i'll be in your arms soon:) pray for us both honey:) i love you xoxoxo"
-Recruit Mitchell

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