19 years

hey guys i really love birthdays:) it's fun ya know? to have a whole day celebrating the day you were born, and i especially loved this year, because a lot of great things happened because of a lot of friends and family.

first of all i had family that made me really happy, family that gave me an excellent birthday, i really am lucky to have these sweet people in my life. and guess what everyone, i got home and on the table was a big box. after walking around my house for a few hours wanting to open that big box, i finally got to! and i took out something that made me tear up the moment i saw it, my parents got me a build-a-bear, a Marine build-a-bear, and i couldnt have been happier. i love my parents so much for being there for Ben and i.

on my instagram (desimarie__) i posted a picture of this project i made at Ben's sisters house a few Saturdays ago. it was pretty fun, i wont lie, and im very much proud of my craft. so instructions? okay, fine i guess you can make cute triangle banners too

you'll need:
Fabric of your choice
1/2 inch Ribbon
Fabric Pencil
Hot Glue

  1. i got a yard of fabric, and you can get fabric anywhere, Joanne's, Walmart, etc. 
  2. get a thin piece of fabric ribbon i believe i got a half an inch in width, and depending on how long you want your banner you may need to adjust how much fabric you get and how long your ribbon is.
  3. cut out a triangle pattern on piece of paper, i like smaller triangles, it is cuter to me
  4. trace your pattern on the cloth with a fabric pencil that will show up and continue to cut them out
  5. using your hot glue, glue your small triangles to the ribbon and that's it! after repeating this step a few times you'll have a lovely triangle banner!
i hope that all makes sense, it really is easy to make, so happy crafting

also, the other day my roommates and i went and hiked the Y, i mean, if you live in Utah, or at least Provo or Orem, it's something that you have to do. So yesterday i hiked it for the first time! isn't that fun? here's some pictures:)

ps. if you sit at the top of the Y like this, it's a completely different view. My roomies and i agreed that it looks like you can really tell the world is a globe. it's so cool! so next time you hike the Y, just try it.

ps guess what everybody!! 11 days till i see Ben!!!:):):)
also...he called me on my birthday so go to my other blog to read about what he said:)


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