it's a crazy. beautiful. life.

it really is, and im grateful for the beauty all around me. seriously, Utah is beautiful. i love this state, i love the mountains, i love the people, i love cute little Salt Lake City, and Utah county has its perks. everyone, its a perfect place to be, and im perfectly happy living my life here each day.

so the other day my really, amazing friend Bailey got her car towed, sad right? but me being the good friend, decided to drive her to pick up her car so i did and we found this cute little shack next to where her car was towed, so while we waited for the guy to come pick up her car, we took cute little pictures with my phone on self timer:) so that was the adventure of that day:)

and the other day i went on a fun hike, and it was beautiful. 
this is why i love Utah, im sure this kind of beauty can be found anywhere there is mountains, but there's just something about this Utah beauty.

today one of my closest friends had her farewell, and it made me feel so much warmth in my heart hearing her talk. she stood by me and was at every one of my missionary lessons when i was going through my baptismal journey. When we were all singing Hymn 220, "Lord I Would Follow Thee" i couldnt hold it together. the feeling i had inside of me, it was like i was sitting front row at my baptism again waiting to bare my testimony, it's such a good feeling being in a room full of people that are all there to support someone we all love, someone who is going out to serve the Lord and preach the gospel to anyone who will welcome it into their lives just like i welcomed it into mine. i really love this gospel, and i am overjoyed for all the elders and sisters who are going out into the world to share something they have such a strong testimony of. i love this church, and this morning, i woke up feeling very grateful to be a part of this church. i love it, and i know its true, i know that with all my heart. 

/good luck Sara, you have been a great example in my life, you're gonna do great things for so many people\

i'd also like to point out that this week, i get to see my best friend.

i really get to see him.


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