we're here!

So I'm in California and I'm 12 hours away from seeing my sweet boy!!!! Ben will be in my arms soon and I can't wait a second longer:) my best friend will finally be with me again and the suspense is killing me! First of all the drive out here was way too long, I tried to nap as much as I could so we could get there faster! His two brothers, his sister, sister in law, mom and I are all out here ready to watch Ben graduate:) I'm just so curious to see what he's like!! I really can't handle this anymore!!! And then we are in Cali till Sunday and I've got him for 17 days:) then I'll be sad again when he leaves:( but it okay! Focus on the good!

So I apologize ahead of time because Ben will be consuming my time. I'll be on and off blogging and posting pictures and telling you about our reunion. I'll blog tomorrow night about how it was to see him:) he doesn't come back to the hotel with us tomorrow cuz tomorrow is family day and then Friday is graduation so then he can leave:) but I'm so excited:) 

Okay I'm going to bed now so I can wake up faster!!!!


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