he's home:)

i apologize for my absence....its kind of hard when Ben is here to consume my every second:)

so how about we rewind a few days, back to family day:)

"You look so beautiful, i love you so much"

are the first words Ben spoke to me in person after three long months of not even seeing his face, of talking only through letters and not being able to hear his voice.
Bens family and i arrived at the MCRD around 9:00am and we were directed by the men who were in charge of his company when he was at boot camp throughout the whole day. trust me....it took FOREVER!!
this is Bens family and I like an hour and a half before Ben was released!
After we had a introduction we were walked over to where a bunch of cones were and we listened for the shouts of the Marines as they began their Moto Run aka the Motivational Run. we were right in front of ben as we watched him shout and scream and move in sync with the rest of his company:) the moment I saw him, my tears started to flood out. I cant even describe to you my happiness. I cant.
its an incredible feeling I had seeing his face for the first time in three months.
ps hes the second one in from the left
after the Moto Run we went and watched this crazy long presentation about how to act and just all about what the recruits go through and a bunch of information about the Marines and history about them and it was pretty sick! but really all I wanted to do was go and see ben! like really! the suspense was killing me!!! then we were released from the auditorium and when we stood outside of the area where all the Marines lined up, we could hear their shouts as they approached us.
then they lined up one by one....
and before I knew it, I was running to him. and I was in my sweethearts arms again for the first time after three long months.
and then so a rule is that we aren't allowed to hold their hands, so they were allowed to hug us and stuff when their Drill Instructors left and then after we were all reunited we had to follow the rules for now PDA because they cant show that stuff in uniform, so we just had to link arms! so...
this is Ben with all of his Drill Instructors (he hates them)
the next day was bens graduation! i was sooo excited because guess what, this was the day when ben was able to come home!!!! we got there a little late so we had to stand the whole time, but ben looked good. wayyy good marching around and standing there on the parade deck for two hours hahaha
and then....he's free!!!!!!!


so glad my marine is home:)

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  1. oh my gosh... those pictures are so cute... i cant even.