well ben is off cleaning a dentist office with his brothers right now so I decided i'd take advantage of this time and blog a little here and there:)

today is sunday, probably one of my favorite days of the week:) ben and I went to his ward, which was a big change compared to the singles ward im in. I miss my old ward, so it was nice to be back at a church that felt like home.
I love listening to people share their testimony, it strengthens my own and makes me love this church even more! ben was recognized and welcomed back in church after sacrament meeting so I watched as people went up to him and congratulated him, im so proud of him:)

in sunday school we talked about basically making the gospel personal to you and believing in it because you know it to be true. because there is so many outside influences, and now that im a young adult on my own, like many other kids my age, I carry the gospel on my own shoulders now. although, I never had my family there to help me with it, I have my friends that always help me, so now that I am on my own, I have been able to build on my own experiences to strengthen my testimony.

also in relief society we learned about temple visits and how to prepare for them. I'll share with you what I learned about.
oh, how i love the temple
  • take a nap before you go to the temple - keeping the mind alert while at the temple will help you stay focused and listen to the spirit more.
  • read your scriptures before you leave - read some of your favorite scriptures or focus your reading on reasons why you are making this specific temple visit.
  • listen to church music as you drive to the temple - listening to radio music can usually be a distraction, listening to church music will create a good atmosphere to be in before you enter the temple.
  • recognize why you are there - why did you choose to come to the temple today?
  • realize how blessed you are to be in the temple - you are at the temple because you are able to be there. keep the lords commandments and strive to live a Christ like life. the temple is such a blessing.
  • keep a journal - take the time after your visit to write down in your journal how you felt, looking back at these feelings will seriously come in handy later on in life.
ive learned a lot about the holy ghost lately as well, and its become so clear to me that he is there to guide you and help you in the lords hand.
O then despise not, and wonder not, but hearken unto the words of the Lord, and ask the Father in the name of Jesus for what things soever ye shall stand in need. Doubt not, but be believing, and begin as in times of old, and come unto the Lord with all your hear, and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling before him.
-Mormon 9:27
we read this scripture in sunday school, but I love it because what i basically got from it was that you should go to the lord about things in your life that you may need guidance in. i love the "Doubt not, but be believing..." part because it tells me that yeah, there are plenty of times in life where doubt can come easy, especially now that we are all independent college students now, its a struggle and its hard, but as long as we believe and have faith in heavenly father, and not in just him, but in ourselves and the foundation of the gospel we built for ourselves, we will be okay. just go to the lord and trust his plan, and everything will be alright!
okay well that was my church experience today:) it was pretty great:)
I would also like to tell you one last incredible thing:) 
and I am very, truly happy to share with you that my sweetheart has decided to serve the Lord on an LDS mission.
im so, so proud of my boy:) he is a huge example to me and everyone who he is with. I thought 3 months was hard, but ive got two years ahead of me! but the thing is, im ready:) im ready to support my best friend and be there when he leaves and be there when he comes home:)
I cant describe to you the peace we both feel with this decision. sure, it will be hard and it was hard when he told me... but i have my family, his family, and friends who will be helping every step of the way. not to mention the help of the Lord. I couldn't be more excited to begin this journey.
Ben leaves to SOI for the Marines next Tuesday, and when he gets home after 6 weeks of that, he will put in his papers and the final wait of this journey of ours will begin. the wait before the beginning of our life.
im so blessed to have someone who puts the Lord first and will listen to the spirit even when sometimes it's a little hard to accept the answers you receive. i know that he will be a great missionary because he was there for me through my entire conversion journey with his supportive self, he has always been there for me first in just life in general, hes my best friend, hes my favorite, hes my person. hes everything i could ever ask for, so I thank Heavenly Father for putting him in my life and bringing us together, because of that i know that Heavenly Father will help us through the trials to come and the long wait ahead.
everyone, i love this gospel, i really do, I know this church is true and I have such a strong faith in my Heavenly Father and know that life will always be okay as long as I have faith in Gods divine plan for me.
i'm also grateful for my sweetheart, Ben, because without his example, i definitely wouldn't be the type of person I am today. he has taught me how to love and accept the love he knows i deserve. he is the helping hand i need and the reason why I strive to work hard in all aspects of my life. hes the love of my life, and im so blessed to be his.

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