second good bye

everyone, he's gone again...

for the second time i had to say good bye to my favorite boy yeterday morning.
we first spent all night with his family and friends just hanging out and enjoying the last few hours we all had left with him.
we had to wake up at 4am to get ready and take him to the airport, that was the worst ride of my life.
+ i was tired
+ we were driving Ben to the airport, like that alone is awful
+ i was starving
+ i wasn't feeling good (im sick everyone)

basically, the reason that trumps all is that he was leaving and i had to be there in the car, holding on to his hand, knowing that within minutes we would be apart for another 6 weeks.

we pulled up to the terminal and i started to tear up but i swallowed the lump in my throat and held them back. the moment was sad enough, i wasnt gonna make it even worse. his mom said good bye and i helped him check in his luggage and get to security. and then we had to say good bye:(

one last hug. and one last kiss. and that "i love you." then it was over.

but i'll see him come Christmas time. i just cant wait another second!
And I know he's doing something he's wanted to do, so it's reassuring to know he's accomplishing something always wanted to achieve:)

but on the bright side....
the other day ben swallowed his pride and decided to take couples pictures with me, and to my surprise, he was kind of into it. so i'll share just a few if you dont mind:)

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