so far

everyone, it's harder than it seems. when my Marine is all the way in San Diego, Camp Pendleton to be exact.
361 miles away once again.

the great thing though, ive realized while he has been gone. is how much distance is actually a good thing.

+ it brings us closer and helps us to appreciate each other more
+ we learn to never take the time we do have together, for granted
+ we learn how to love in a whole new way, because loving when you are further away is much harder than loving someone who's beside you always

really, i can't wait for him to come home, but it's getting easier. it really is. i feel like i was prepared for this. well maybe we both were. we never lived close to each other at all, we had to go through boot camp, and now we are doing SOI, and eventually...a mission! distance is hard, but to me, its worth every second you are apart, because when you reunite again, there's no better feeling.

the fun thing about SOI, is that ben is able to have his phone!!


he texts me when he can, i usually get a good morning text, a few here and there throughout the day, and then at night is usually when hes free after chow (when he eats). it's so exciting when my phone vibrates and i have a text from him, i know that once he starts training that the talking will be limited to only weekends. right now he is able to talk to me a lot more because he hasnt started training yet.
so ben got to SOI and they told him they werent ready for him yet, so he did a PFT (physical fitness test) to try and fill in the last 3 slots to start training, and he didnt make it:( 
he starts up on December 3rd so hes gonna be gone an extra 3 months..so it's basically another 3 months without my sweetheart...

but guess what. he comes home for Christmas for ten days!! December 23rd-January 3rd!!!

i cant wait to spend the holidays with my sweetheart:) i cant wait another second:)

oh also, his christmas present is amazing:) ohhhh i cant wait till he opens up:) i'll be sure to let you guys know what it is when he opens it:) okay for now i'm gonna go home and leave this library so i can talk to my honey on the phone:) 


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  1. I randomly found your instagram and saw the link to your blog from there. You and your boyfriend are so cute! You can totally make it through the mission thing and it gets a little easier the longer they're out. :) My boyfriend went on a mission to Guatemala (although we were just friends when he left and started dating like a week after he got home), then I went on a study abroad to London, and for my last 2 years of college I was at BYU and he was at LDSBC so I know how the distance thing is. But now he's been home for over 2 years and we both made so many great memories that we're glad we were both supportive of each other. Anyway, this is such a cute blog.