so recently it's been crazy hectic and to make things worse my laptop crashed and that has made it so hard to blog...i've had to blog from the school library and that just never works out so i have been off my blog for a long while. i apologize for my absence. but come Christmas i'll have a new laptop and i'll be blogging all the time. okay?


listen, my week has been full. and it's not fun, like at all guys.

also last night i spent a full night with my dear friend Hunter Kofford and she helped me redesign my blog and such. i think it turned out pretty well, dont you?

so give your thanks to Hunter and pay her blog a visit.

also the Marine blog of mine is REINVENTED and RENAMED. 


k, let's talk about my laptop situation real quick, okay? not having one makes it so difficult and blogging from my phone just isn't fun whatsoever. The screen is tiny and i can't type as fast. and half the time when i'm at school i don't even want to do my school work that i have, i want to blog!! but i can't, and that is what kills me each and every day. 
okay i'm done venting about that.

recently i've been doing something called school. and very recently i've been involved in another something called finals week. 
yes, they are real and stressful just like how it is in the movies. but literally, i have been swamped.
And also the only thing that seems to help me is my newly found weakness berries & cream with Nutella (don't judge me)....oh, I can't even tell you how perfect that is. Plus reading some of my favorites is pretty cool as well. 

i'm going to give you a few tips when it comes to finals, well at least from what i have noticed. maybe just maybe they will help you.

+ sleep. please sleep. really it sucks if you don't get a sufficient amount of sleep, and the amount of sleep that really helps you a lot is two days in advance of a test. i tried that out before i had a ton of presentations and tests on one day, and it literally helped so much getting good sleep two days prior. 

+ eat often. everyone, don't skip your meals, don't bring nasty snacks to class. substitute your snacks with almonds, yogurt, cuties, granola, etc. there is always an alternate. don't sell yourself short with that fruit snack crap.

+ exercise that perfect body of yours. listen, exercise is good and you can never go wrong with an excellent 30 minute run, yoga, dance, and swimming. the amount of time you spend on your phone in the day can be the amount of time you give your body a moment to release the stress it's holding

+ okay, read your scriptures. i promise it helps. it's soothing. it's sometimes exactly what you need to hear. actually, recently i've found it's exactly what i need to hear. read throughout the day even! in the halls, between classes, for your free time. 

+ give yourself a break. don't spend your hours studying constantly. take a break, watch a video on Netflix, scroll through Instagram, talk with some friends, go get ice cream. anything that takes your mind off your studies for a bit and give you a second to lay back and realize that there's more to life than just a book or some silly homework.

+ bathe. please do so. it's refreshing and that's all you need to feel. is refreshed.

+ light a candle. i never knew how much this would relax me. having a lit candle while i do homework. it smells so good and makes me feel relaxed, and i love it. i prefer vanilla, or pumpkin spice. either way, they don't cost a lot, so go invest in something like a candle.

+ go to a best friend about your stress. If you have a loving, perfect friend, go to them. They understand you, they are your person, vent to them.

okay that's all i can think for now, add a few pointers if i missed some and i'll be sure to try them out. honestly, i can use all the help i can get!

okay but i must go now because i have my first college track meet tomorrow so i should sleep a little bit.

also i get to talk to Ben my babe tomorrow!!!!



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