christmas giving

i'm back, and now I promise for good. before I was on here on and off but listen, now i'm going to really try posting A LOT more. and I get a laptop for Christmas which means I will be here a lot. it'll probably be my life. I can't even wait for Christmas.

okay, Ben comes home next week. literally he is home in ONE week. which means a lot of things...

+ I get to see my sweet, sweet love

+ I get to cuddle, kiss, hug, and tell him i love him a lot

+ I get to hold his hand

+ Late nights, forts in the front room, movies, movies, movies

+ I only get one week to get his Christmas presents ready...

i'm mostly concerned about that last little point...i literally have no time to get his gifts ready!!
and guess what, I've just been so busy with studying for finals, going to track practice, doing insane amounts of homework...it's ridiculous.
but thanks to good friends, a few dollars, and a free night after finals, i'm beginning the endless crafting.

1. a scrapbook of US.

// I know Ben loves to look back at pictures of us. all the letters I sent to him while he was at boot camp he left at home accidently. and every weekend I talk to him on the phone he never fails to remind me to mail him those pictures because he used to look through them every night, so instead of just sending him all those pictures, I figured i'd make him a little something better.

supplies for your own US scrapbook:
+ I got my brown notebook at Cotton $14.95 - you can find something like this at Ikea I hear or even make it yourself with some brown craft paper you can find at the craft store.

+ Gold Glitter Stickers $2.99 - seriously though, nothing is wrong with glitter, actually you can never have enough. I got these stickers at Joanne's craft store on University Parkway. and I think they look perfect against the brown, right?
+ Paint, Paint, Paint .99 - I literally got the cheapest kind I could find and I guess it varies depending on what craft store you go to, but I was pretty stoked about that purchase. there were others for like .69 but I didn't want to be too cheap.
+ Paint brush $1.99 - I know I probably could have purchased a cheaper paint brush but I was in a rush and I got the one that looked nice. haha lol I don't know how to buy cheap crafting supplies
+ Tape $2.99 - I got some cute glitter tape and black polka dot tape. it literally is 1000x cuter than regular tape and I love it because I love polka dots and glitter. so yes. good purchase.
2. "Open When..." cards

// open when you're feeling lonely, open when you need to know I love you, etc.
it's a lot easier to give him these open when letters because he never has time to send letters because he's always training, and i'm always busy with my school and track. and since I am not able to talk to him all week, why not give him these 20 letters that let him know i'm thinking of him always.
3. My Testimony

 // for Valentines Day ben bought me my own set of scriptures and he wrote his testimony in it. honestly, I read that every single day. it is such an inspiration to me and helps me to build my own testimony. so I figured i'd buy him a small military Book of Mormon and I wrote down my testimony in the back.
4. a promise
// ben wanted one thing for Christmas, and that was to be home. but he also wanted a promise ring, really bad. so I went on the lookout for a good ring, a ring he can wear until it's replaced with the real thing. it's a Tungston Carbide Band with a flat high polish and beveled edge. it's 8mm and on the inside is engraved "I love you forever", one of the things we always say to each other.
it's a big present, but it's the perfect present. and I can hardly wait for him to wear it.
these are the few instances where I have been able to see his face, really though, it's always enough. I am happy enough just to hear his voice, but to laugh with him is more than I could ever ask for.
now I just really wish he could be home because when he's actually here, that's when everything is actually perfect, when everything feels a little bit better.
I literally can't wait a second longer for him to come home. before i know it, i'll be seeing him and i'll be pretty happy to say the least.


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