waiting on the weekend

guess what. i'm home again! well real home. but i'm so happy because i don't have to worry about any finals at all, like the slightest. i have absolutely no:
study hall

literally, i have nothing to do. because school consumes my time. but im okay with that because then i get to sit in bed, eat Nutella, caramels, and apples. i also get to watch Grey's Anatomy in bed as much as i want. oh also, i have some time for fun crafts and such. i've basically finished all of bens presents!! so guess what that means, it's gonna be a really good Christmas for my sweetheart. i really wanted it to be special because it's his last Christmas home for the next two years...but i'm being positive! yeah, he'll be gone for a while, but he's going to be serving the Lord, and i am so proud of him.

and on that note...

"hello, my love" 

well, at least that what my sweet boy and i like to say. after being together for a while, the usual couple nicknames come along with it, my love, sweet, sweetheart, babe, baby, you know, the usual. i wont complain, i like these nicknames, which is why i painted on a canvas of my favorite one.

supplies can be found at your local craft store i found a lot of mine at Hobby Lobby and Joanne's craft store

my scrapbook came along nicely. i was kind of surprised (because crafting doesnt come easy for me). and ben LOVES this type of stuff. i mean, if youre looking for a good gift, put together a scrapbook and honestly you'll be so surprised by how much that man of yours enjoys looking back at all the memories you have had together. i found a bunch of fun stuff like a ticket from the Dew Tour (which is where we met) and the first letter i got while he was at boot camp that he addressed "Desiree Marie Mitchell" (his last name), plus 177 pictures of me, him, and us. i also left some room for pictures later on down the road. really, i cant wait for him to open it!!

i'm very grateful for this time of year. and it wouldn't be the same without a little bit of time with my sweetheart (ten days to be exact). i couldn't be more excited. and to make things even better. i get to talk to him all weekend starting tonight probably around 11:00pm and when we say goodbye sunday night, it will only be for a little bit, because then i'll see him monday around 6pm :)

wish me luck on the rest of this weekend. it's going to be a long wait.


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