Christmas Miracle

of course, I've been gone. I've been neglecting my blog recently. I mean I was on a role for a little bit, I was blogging everyday or close to every other day. and I honestly would have blogged a little more if it wasn't for a little surprise.

that's right.
Ben was scheduled to come home December 23, so this last Monday.
Saturday the 21st, people were acting...strange.
first of all, i was supposed to go over that night to help decorate for ben's homecoming but the weather by my house was scary to drive in because the fog was so heavy, so that's why i decided not to go to bens.
+ his brother was having a fit that i wasn't going over to their house. seriously, calling and everything
+ my mom was stressing when we were at the grocery store and saying I should go to bens
+ also his sister in law text me "why aren't you coming???" when she found out i couldn't go over
i didn't get it. i was confused.
 Eventually, my mom and i got home from the store and i got a text from ben's brother saying they were at the front of my house, so I went upstairs and said bye to my family.
I get into the car and I see his brother in the back seat, "holy cow...you are so persistent" I say. his brother says "desi close your eyes and stick out your finger" (my ring finger).  
I literally am so confused. I stick out my finger but don't close my eyes, and then...all of a sudden...
Ben pops out behind the back seat and puts a ring on my finger.
I'm not engaged silly gooses.
it's a promise ring hooray:)
and I love it so dearly.
But...HE'S HOME!!! 
having him home made it the best Christmas. everyone I know and love kept this secret for months, I cant believe it but they did. but guess what, im glad they did. because my sweetie is home and that's where he'll stay till January 2nd.
i'm posting a bit late, but that's only because my time has been occupied. I mean, wouldn't yours if your best friend surprised you for the holidays? I promise I have more stories to tell and more pictures to show, a lot of fun stuff happened over break. mostly just cuddling and movies and all that good stuff. but thanks everyone, for being so patient. I hope your holidays we're great.
oh, and don't worry, a New Years post will be up soon

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