good bye again

well he's gone again. my love has left to SOI (School of Infantry) again, jeeze this is becoming some kind of routine. and I don't like it.

last night we spent a good amount of time together.

+ watching Grey's Anatomy
+ reading scriptures
+ cuddling
+ talking about break
+ eating candy

first of all i'd like to say that I got ben to admit that he thinks Grey's Anatomy is "alright". you have NO idea how big of a deal that is to me because that definitely isn't ben's type of tv. and oh, get this! today on the phone he straight up admitted he actually likes that show. so you could say I was pretty stoked when he kept asking questions constantly about what was happening in the show last night so he could understand better.

also he gave the show a nickname, "desi you watching Grey's?"

HA Grey's! im sure other people call it that, but really he thought of that!

Scripture reading last night was perfect
2 Nephi 26: 24-25

take a look at those verses. ben and I read over that one yesterday and we went on to talk about the atonement until we basically fell asleep in front of the tv.

The Atonement is incredible. we took time to think about it for 30 seconds. we thought about Jesus Christ sacrificing himself for us and our sins. imagine someone feeling all the pain you have ever felt and will ever feel. I can hardly handle my own emotions, it would be hard to take on everyone else's.

take 30 seconds and feel grateful for our Saviors sacrifice.

I am so grateful for my Savior, I am able to repent and return to Him, I am able to strive to live a Christ like life along side my best friend.
when you invest in the gospel you will begin to feel blessings showered upon you immediately. I promise you that with all that I am.

"live in such a way that people who know you but don't know Christ will want to know Christ--because they know you." -H. David Burton

ben and I especially like hiking. we like to be outside. in the summer we are outside a lot. both of us are not allowed to snowboard because of his Marines and my track and field (oops) but deciding to take advantage of the (kind of) snow and free passes for the weekend, we went up and experienced a few decent runs. but since it was icy, decent was all you would really get. and although it was freezing, and night boarding Friday night consisted of no sight and lots of ice, goodness, it was so fun. plus cuddling after being outside all day is perfect.

January 2, 2014
5:30 am
packing sucks.
watching ben pack up the last of his things is not a fun sight at all. it was 5:45am and I was barely getting down my apple jacks while I watched him bring in his stuff to the front room. I didn't want him to leave...not even close to ready..
6:00 am
the drive in the car was a good one. laughing, reminiscing of the break, holding hands, missing airport exits, freaking out, lots of U-turns, more laughing, and finally parking and unloading and walking to baggage check in...oh, also a lot of tears.
7:05 am
baggage check in was long, but time was passed by holding my loves hand and people watching. I like the airport during the holiday season. but eventually we made our way up to the lengthy line of security.
security 7:45am
guys listen, it was a long line. and secretly I was grateful for that. that only meant I had more than a short amount of time with him left. but to me it didn't feel long enough.
I stayed with him till the security woman said I had to leave.
we said our goodbyes and then he was gone. and of course I cried. I mean who wouldn't? but I really am okay everyone I promise! im just emotional so crying is sort of a think I do. when I feel happy or sad. or just...normal. ha!

 oh, one more thing. I know it's not top notch, but it makes me happy. it makes me smile. it's just a snippet of our Christmas break. I would have filmed more, but I didn't exactly use my phone a whole lot when ben was home because frankly, he was more interesting than just about...anything else.

so until February 19th, my heart is over in San Diego, California.
until then my love:)

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