the one

Recently I was asked to do a post on how I knew that ben was the one for me. I was flattered that someone was wondering to know about that, but then I thought, wait....how did I know he was the one? a lot of factors come into play. I talked to ben about it later that night when I was allowed to call him, and we came up with the same answers exactly.

pray to Heavenly Father. at least for us and our faith, we receive answers through Him. being with ben has never felt wrong, it's never felt like that at all. he helps me become better in more ways than just one. but he has helped me to become closer to my Heavenly Father. ben has taught me so much in the gospel and he still manages to teach me when he's miles and miles away.
a healthy relationship with Heavenly Father truly does create a healthy relationship with each other.

other than that, it's hard to just list off a bunch of reasons why I know ben is "the one".
in all honesty, it has just worked for us. we were best friends before anything, and our friendship has grown while we have been together. we click, we mesh well perfectly, we are willing to do anything for each other, and we both put the Lord first and then each other. we are content with being with each other in silence, and we are thrilled when we both can't stop talking. he knows what kind of flowers i like, and i know what kind of cereal he prefers. he'll take pictures with me even though he doesn't like pictures, and i'll go to the gym with him, even though I sometimes just hate the gym so much...we know what ticks each other off, but we know how to make the other feel better. we love time together, we hate being apart. basically, everything we are as individuals no matter how much the same or how different, makes everything when we are together feel perfect and in sync.

if that makes any sense.

over the years, we have just gotten to know each other to the point where we are basically each others other half. it's hard to imagine living without him. not just being without him, because I do that already, he's gone a lot and I can't always be with him. but him not in my life, that just sounds plain silly to us both. I mean we're ben and desi, desi and ben. one doesn't come without the other now. like he says "we are a package deal".

however, we both agree that there's multiple "one and only's" for everyone. you can have so many different people in your life that you love and love you, but it's your choice. you choose who compliments your life best and who you are happiest around. and it's worked out just perfectly that ben and I decided to choose each other.

so that's my thought on knowing that ben is "the one". i never have really thought about that till just recently when i was asked about it. ben and i have just been going through life feeling absolutely great about each others company. that's all.

but I would also like to include that I've talked to ben recently and he's doing so good at SOI. he's just missing home, but that's what comes with being away. he says that he really is just so bored. all he does is go to classes, pt (physical training), and sit in his rack all day doing nothing. but that is only because he is on liberty, when next week starts up then he'll be so busy and i wont be able to talk to him till next weekend....but it's okay.
him being apart is starting to get really easy. sure it's never perfect, but distance isn't all that bad once you get used to it. it's actually pretty fun because you always have something to look forward to!

i really, truly, love my Marine. i love my sweet boy so much. it never gets old, not for even a second. im so blessed to have him as the one that loves me. and i feel like the luckiest every single day.

until next time


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