hello loves...

I like the weekend, especially Friday. do you know why?
because after a long weekday and after a stressful pile of homework, oh and a few bowls of granola and yogurt later...

i'm talking to my love!!

it's the best, it really is (seriously it is) seeing my phone screen light up and seeing my love call and then hearing his cheery voice on the other end. there's no better feeling.
and after much cheery talk and a lot of laughs he started to fall asleep on the other end, because my poor Ben only got 3 hours of sleep last night and had a long week of hiking and shooting and such.
about an hour and a half later a quick goodbye, I love you's, and a happy "i'll talk to you tomorrow sweetie" and i am on cloud 9.
after 5 minutes of saying good bye (we should be pro by now) I hung up the phone with a smile on my face and now I can not wait for the early morning because once again i'll be on the phone with my best friend.
happy, happy. yes, i'm happy.


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