red doors, new shoes, and netflix

 guess what, it's been such a crazy weekend.

I had California family swarming through my house all weekend. and after all the chaos, it's been nice to reside back to my apartment.

I spent most of my night tucked away in my room with some hot apple cider, some Netflix, and before bed i was able to read some scriptures. i'd say that's a good night right?
also i was able to talk to ben this last weekend so that was more than fun, details about that in my other blog, just click on M SQUARED at top right of this page :)
doesn't he look so, so happy? :) I love this kid, Mr. Mitchell is just the cutest around, pretty sure he said something funny just barely and I was able to screenshot the moment:)
also look at him!!!
my sister and i found a red door at Boondocks, i know, of all places to be at, but my sister was celebrating her 7th birthday so we all went to Boondocks and my other sister and i got kind of bored so we took a balloon from her party and she took pictures of me. i love her.
and the shoes were only $8 at Forever 21. idk if they'll last long, but i loved them for $8
okay i'm gonna go because I've got a date with Netflix and also my bed. mostly my bed. im really tired.


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