happy birthday, love

my love is 19 years old today.
kk I know that you can't really see the 19 and I really should have thought this out better and used cardboard instead of white pieces of poster board...but I was in a rush and I had to get this sent out by today and I have just been too busy to even start his gift! so I rushed home, used whatever was in my mother's craft closet and had my sister snap some pictures with a crappy quality camera...but the pictures are sign, sealed, and finally delivered.
for the past few years, Ben and I would usually go out for his birthday, well i try to take him out but he always insists on taking me out because that's what he likes to do for his birthday (I know, weird logic). but seriously, all i want to do is get Benjamin the best of presents this year, and although he says he wants to go to sushi, I saw him eye up a watch up at Zumiez the whole Christmas break, so I am thinking of investing in that because he LOVES watches. also a cuddle sesh and making him dinner won't hurt either when he comes home.
but anyways, I put together a little something for my love while he was away, and i can't send him care packages, otherwise i would have done something a lot better, but because of the rules that they have in the Marine Corps, I can't send him a simple care package to SOI. So instead, I put together an envelope of stuff.
The stuff:
An envelope addressed how he likes it
It's because it says Mitchell instead of Guerrero and he get's really excited and happy when he see's that so that's my treat to him.
Also I like it too.
I really wish I could do that cool creative envelope writing that you see on Pinterest everywhere, but i'm pretty sure he would get in trouble for that. better safe than sorry, right?

The big 1-9 on a printed picture
Happy Birthday balloon!!
and he likes those pictures of me when they are like this...
so why not?
really though, I know it's all black and white, but there was kind of a color theme to the letter I was sending out. I kind of stuck with white, grey, sandy brown, and black.
I just miss him more than...just about anything. so yeah.
but it's my loves birthday today, and that in fact is the best day of the year for me, because he was born and I kind of like having him in my life, not gonna lie.
so happy birthday to this incredible boy of mine
this is a picture one of his buddies took of him for me on the weekend when he has Liberty (when he's allowed to kinda be a civilian)
oh, hey he comes home in 15 days. that's exciting because then we can take a lot of more fun pictures together, also he'll be home so that's nice too.

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