take a hike

wow, I love time to myself
the other day I decided hey, why not adventure because i'm bored and it's warm outside so hey why not?
(ps...photo credit to my cute self timer camera, always faithful yes he is)
ive just been insanely stressed with recent events in my life and sometimes a girl just needs to really REALLY take care of herself. I wish I could afford getting my nails done and a real good massage...but really I just need time for me and just me, nothing else.
okay, so i'm just gonna name all the benefits of getting away from friends and family (as great as they are) and just having a good TLC second to yourself.
- you can actually think guys!
sometimes it's super annoying to have to deal with the opinion of everyone, sure you are entitled to your own choices and opinions no matter what people say, but somehow and someway they can end up taking laps in your mind till you just can't think anymore! so being able to have a clear mind feels good.
- figuring out what makes you happy
oh, I love being happy. and I love being outside and I actually like being outside and exploring by myself (it's not dangerous I promise to all my critics). but I feel like i'm personally accomplishing something and that means something to me. you have to make yourself happy before you can please anyone else in your life. so work on that.
- silence
sometimes the screaming, laughing, and constant talking of your surroundings is a little much. Maybe it's white noise to you right now, and yeah it was for me too, but eventually I needed some good peace and quiet once I really paid attention to the noise. silence is amazing, i'll be taking doses of that more often.
outside is pretty guys, and once your content with your peace of mind, THEN share your happiness with those other amazing people in your life.
enjoy life please! trials are hard, but people are mostly good and life is mostly incredible. the bad is only a small amount compared to the great and I totally mean that!
also go on a hike. seriously, it helps.


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